Kingfisher’s Osama Bin Shaggin Conquers Airwaves with His New ‘Afghan Lover’ Hit

Bernhard During a Video Shoot

When the visuals of ‘Afghan Lover lover’  by Bernhard Fischer alias Osama Bin Shaggin was released, it generated a lot of media frenzy not only for its cinematography , but more for  his erotic dance moves, the Afghan suit he was clad in, and the provocative lyrics of the song.

Although 2021 the Ugandan music scene despite the COVID-19 impasse  has witnessed a lot of groovy hit songs and stunning music videos that shaped both the fortune and terrain of the entertainment industry, Bernhard’s creativity has won him a place in the hearts of Ugandan and Foreign music lovers.

Vocalist Bernhard

How did the incident of Afghan Nationals evacuated to Uganda recently suddenly become a hit song? That’s creativity and art of music. The harmonious Afro pop tune, ‘Afghan Lover lover’ is hitting numbers of views on YouTube this month and has developed into a life of its own , becoming a song of exceptionality, even regional Televisions  couldn’t resist the mainstream appeal of this song.

The song, ‘Afghan Lover lover’ is again another milestone in his music career , with has a smooth pop style and crunchy R&B vocals. Personal emotions shine through Bernhard’s lyrics capturing listeners instantly, as many will be able to relate to the message.

The video for Bernhard’s newest hit with Mc Crazy ‘Afghan Lover lover’ features the singer melodiously expressing his love for the Taliban girl as he continues measuring the affection from Kandahar to Masaka.

While showcasing his moments of blissfulness towards the Afghan babe, the singer can also be seen making commitments for the lasting love (Nkwagala ..Paka..paka) later on in the video.

The video, which was shot from the charming Kingfisher Resort, also mirrors the songs’ suggestion that his Afghan girlfriend should not try to back out of the relationship. Produced and directed one of the best music icons, the video is shot in an idyllic setting dancing in the resort gardens, with clips of Bernhard singing while clad in the Afghan dress code. As the video continues, you start to see the singer pleading to the babe through his melodious voice.

With a following up surging to erupt in Uganda, East Africa, Bernhard’s continued music releases continue to excite and entice listeners.

Bernhard Fischer

“He draws on urban feels and sights in his music video even as he makes it into a personal story,” noted from his Asian friend who has been at a holiday at Kingfisher resort.

With a mix of unique sounds or, as Bernhard who is also the managing Director of Uganda’s Jinja based renowned Kingfisher Resort uniquely brings the urban feel, he combines natural talent with hard work to create his music.

‘’Bernhard is super –talented with his own style, which makes him a real star and has gained a huge following with a lot of loyal fans ‘’, said one of his funs.

Previously, he released songs like; Tugende Tuzine, Pineapple and Till You Love me.

He also featured in the hip hop and afrobeat artist John Blaq’s ‘Nekwatako hit’, all attracting massive views on YouTube and other  entertainment platforms .


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