KAMPALA RIOTS: 1 Dead, Kiseka Market Closed

Police have sealed off Kiseka market following clashes with traders. The Thursday morning clashes were triggered by the arrest of Lukwago, the KCCA Lord Mayor and Kiiza Besigye, the former FDC president.

Military police was called in to quell the riots
Military police was called in to quell the riots

Police intercepted Besigye at Mini Price Bata shop at the Namirembe and Ben Kiwanuka Street junction as he was on his way to meet Lukwago, who was scheduled to address traders over his impending censure. Last month, a section of KCCA councilor signed a censure petition against Lukwago.

As a result, Lukwago decided to hold rallies to explain to voters his troubles. However, police banned the rallies accusing Lukwago and some legislators of inciting the masses against councilors opposed to his leadership. This morning, Lukwago and Besigye were scheduled to address traders at Kiseka market.

However, heavily armed anti riot police led by James Ruhwezi, the DPC Kampala Central Police Station picked up Besigye who was driving in his black Lexus and whisked him off to CPS.  Police also picked up Lukwago a few meters from Kisekka market after battling traders.

The arrest of the two politicians didn’t go down with traders, who started pelting the cops with stones. Police fired teargas and live bullets to disperse the traders forcing them to abandon the market. By the time of filing this story, the traders had started regrouping at Mukwano arcade on Kyagwe road, where they were monitoring the developments at Kiseka market.

Police dispersing the crowds using water canons
Police used colored water to disperse the crowds

Police has not yet commented on the clashes as James Ruhweza, the DPC Kampala Central Police Station and Ibin Ssekumbi, the Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson didn’t pick calls from our reporter.

Two people are said to have lost their lives during the riots.

Meanwhile, Erias Lukwago, the Kampala Capital City Authority Lord Mayor is undergoing treatment at Case Clinic along Buganda road, where he was rushed with breathing difficulties as a result of inhaling teargas.

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14 thoughts on “KAMPALA RIOTS: 1 Dead, Kiseka Market Closed

  1. I witnessed part of the confusion and commotion. Whereas the constitution mandates Lukwago/ Besigye and others to enjoy their right to assembly, i think that right should not override the rights of other people who pay rent/ licenses/ taxes/ parking fees every time to work in kampala. However, i have a born to pick with the Police, i saw one stupid officer fire a tear gas cannister near CPS, was it called for especially that there was no crowd, i think this guy and the whole police institution act out of emotions

    1. When you get “leaders” who are afraid of their own people, that is what you get. Why fear that people will demonstrate or riot if all is okay? The guilty are afraid!

  2. Its the government that lacks imagination. They should have let him talk and people would decide. They muzzled free speech. Lukwago was elected mayor by the majority. He has a right to make his case, but no platform allowed. I dont agree with him but will defend his right to say it. That is democracy as opposed to dictatorship of live bullets and teargas

  3. why do government want to frustrate lukwago in every efforts he does ,Uganda is for Ugandans not for monarchical government and its agents lets us unite to develop our country

  4. Besigye never roots for the lay man as he claims everytime he sets foot in Kampala, poor traders loose money yet for him he is busy oogling his big eyes and smiling all the way to the bank

    1. Rose, supposing the police did not try to block Besigye in his movements and left Lukwago to talk to the people, would there be chaos in Kampala? Let the police just keep monitoring them and if crime is about to be committed then they can intervene. Besigye is entitled to move around this country as freely as any other Uganda, your hatred not-withstanding.

  5. i think its you who lack imagination. So you would rather have a leader who is on the side of oppressors just to keep dignity than one who is on the side of the oppressed? I wd say lukwago makes himself cheap in the eyes of the opressors for a people cause and that is what makes him more dignified than the NRm thieves who are so undignified that a whole president who has ruined this country now wants to take over kampala as well simply because the people did not respect his lousy choice in sematimba.

    1. with creativity comes imagination. getting tear gassed, passing out and being carried by policemen with your chest out, shows a serious lack of discipline, imagination and creativity. In that order Naboma.

  6. Ohh boy, grow up! because even the blind can see whats going on here! the police is being used, in all fairness the voters of kampala deserve some respect to a man they so willing voted as their mayor! IF YOU THINK THE POLICE IS RIGHT, THEN U HAV A PROBLEM.:;: Courts orders not to collect money from taxis dues for some reasons, KCCA does the opposite on the directive of the minister! and those who think this is wrong are locked up wells the people in violation of court orders are protected by the police!!.. surely??

    1. hey man, i am very sure the blind cannot see. You obviously have a different definition for someone being blind and able able to see.

  7. Be that as it may. So what does ‘Ziri’ mean anyway? sounds like a short circuit and you know what that means, dont you Ziiiziiirrrri?

  8. Naboth, i seriously want to imagine that you can imagine, that the United States was built on the imaginably possible, and how to bring that imagination to reality. The very keyboard you are typing on Naboth, came out of someone’s imagination. And here you are a whole Naboth comfortably rubbishing imagination!

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