Kampala International University (KIU) last week officially ushered-in first year students. The university saved a whole last week for these new students to get oriented to the institution, the peak of which was a general assembly that took place at the main hall. In this assembly, all the university administrators, led by the vice chancellor, Mouhammed Mpezamihigo, briefed the students on how well to successfully trail their academic journey at the university. The students were given a chance to ask all the questions they wanted answers for and everyone left satisfied.

The administration strongly warned students against involving themselves in acts that will affect their education career.

In another meeting with the media, Mpezamihigo said that the university is well prepared in terms of human resource (lecturers), lecture space, laboratories, and libraries among others, to adequately handle all the academic needs of the students.

The university also organised a highly attended bazaar within the university compound to give an opportunity to shop some of the items they may need without moving out of the university. Further explaining the importance of the bazaar, Mpezamihigo said, this is an opportunity for the students to showcase and or sell the products of their innovative skills. Mpezamihigo later made a tour around the stalls in the bazaar and interacted with the several exhibitors. He bought himself a shirt from one of the exhibitors, a student of KIU.

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