Kiyonga Wants Iremangoma Father Recognized As National Hero

Defense Minister Crispus Kiyonga.

Defense Minister Crispus Kiyonga.
Defense Minister Crispus Kiyonga.

Uganda’s Defense minister Dr. Crispus Kiyonga has called for national recognition of the men and women who have contributed to the development of Kasese district.

Speaking at the launch of Nyakabale United Messiah Listeners’ club at Bwera Church of Uganda Archdeaconry headquarters on Monday, the minister said that many people have sacrificed their lives for the betterment of the people in Kasese district. Nyakabale United Messiah Listeners’ club is a membership organization for the people who willingly tune in to Kasese’s oldest FM station Radio Messiah.

The Minister who is also the Member of Parliament for Bukonzo West said that Kasese district is experiencing good indicators of development like education, health facilities and in agriculture among others as a result of efforts of different people.

He mentioned the late Isaya Mukirania Kibanzanga, the father to Rwenzururu King Charles Wesley Mumbere, the first Mukonzo to become a grade III teacher in Kasese and the retired Bishop of the South Rwenzori Diocese Zebedee Masereka.

Omusinga wa Rwenzururu Charles Wesley Mumbere's Father Isaya Mukirania    led the Rwenzururu struggle
Omusinga wa Rwenzururu Charles Wesley Mumbere’s Father Isaya Mukirania led the Rwenzururu struggle

According to Dr. Kiyonga it was not easy in the 1960s for a man like Mukirania Kibanzanga to abandon teaching and the Tooro Kingdom Parliament to liberate the Bakonzo and Bamba. It is the first time he praises the works of King Mumbere’s father since the Rwenzururu Kingdom which he openly opposed was recognized by government in 2009. Mukirania was among the people who walked out of Tooro Parliament, Orukurato, in 1962 to launch the Rwenzururu rebellion.

The Kasese district LC 5 Chairperson Lt. Col Mawa Muhindo has welcomed the idea of the minister adding that a plan was already in place to recognize people who have done great work for the district.

Col. Mawa said that there is a team led by the district information officer John Thawithe that is compiling the history of Kasese and also coming up with a list of those who have contributed positively.

Among other people likely to hit the list to be recognized on Independence Day include former Army Commander, the late Maj.Gen.James Kazini and Uganda’s first youngest Member of Parliament Amos Kambere, according to Col. Mawa.

Col. Mawa said that the late Gen. Kazini is credited for his efforts in defeating the Allied Democratic Forces rebels by the year 2002. He also commended Amos Kambere who currently stays in Canada for opening several schools in Kasese even when he was the youngest legislator from 1980-1985.

He said that such recognition will help instill discipline among the civil servants, religious leaders and members of the civil society organisations knowing that at the end they will be rewarded.

The initial plan aims at recognizing between 20 and 30 people as heroes of the district at the inaugural function in October this year.

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  1. I strongly agree with kiyonga & C/P Lcv Mawa Isaya Mukirania should be recognized as HERO don’t leave out men like eziron Mpethe our first minister, Amon Bazira mention . Am grateful to my MP to mention such statements it was n’t expected. You now remain with a task of uniting political leaders at all levels despite different political affiliation. Safari Martin Chief in the kingdom

  2. Wow! that goes undisputed Mr Hon. No divided people can dream of development. Now am beginning to see the light. Continue like that, better late than never.

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