Kusasira, Namubiru fight takes Ugly twist

The fight between singers Iryn Namubiru and Catherine Kusasira has taken a new and interesting twist.


Kusasira was recently arrested and remanded to Kigo Prison for allegedly diddling Lyto Boss Shs1m from his song titled ‘Anjagala’.

Fresh details now indicate that Kusasira has now turned around and wants Lyto Boss arrested for allegedly tarnishing her name.

Snoops have seen a warrant of arrest for Lyto Boss dated July 9, 2015 that was allegedly issued by the Chief Magistrates Court in Entebbe.

Police has been instructed to arrest Lyto Boss and produce him in court on July 24th, 2015.


The saga started when Lyto Boss wrote the song ‘Anjagala’ for Kusasira. Kusasira however did not like the song claiming it suited Iryn better.

When Namubiru, who is attached to Fusion Band, listened to the song, she liked it. Kusasira later took Lyto Boss and the song to Fusion Records at Waterfront Beach in Entebbe, where the studio managers also liked the song.

The Waterfront Records boss later gave Kusasira Shs1m, which she was to give to Lyto Boss as compensation for his copyrights.

The studio boss, after paying for the song, summoned Namubiru and gave it to her, with instructions to perform it.

Namubiru started practicing the song and memorizing its lyrics. Towards her final rehearsals before she released the song, Namubiru called Kusasira and asked her for the phone number of the boy who had written the song.

However, Kusasira told the ‘Nkuweki’ singer that Lyto Boss had travelled to Luweero. Namubiru gave Kusasira directions to Fusion Records so as to deliver the boy when he returned.

That night, Namubiru waited in the studio up to late in the night without seeing Lyto Boss.

She then decided to send the song to Kusasira so that she could listen to it and give her opinion about it.

Lyto Boss
Lyto Boss

However, Kusasira didn’t reply. The next morning, Namubiru went to Ddembe FM studio to release the song.

While she was in the studio talking about it, Lyto Boss called her and assured her that the hit she was about to release was his and that she had not paid for it.

She tried calling him back later but his manager reportedly insulted her.

They even started going to every station assuring managers that Namubiru had stolen the song and urged them not to give it airplay.

However, Namubiru and Fusion Records faulted Kusasira for pocketing Shs1m which she was meant to  give to Lyto Boss. This has since sparked off the scandal.

Currently, Lyto Boss faces arrest for allegedly conspiring with Kusasira to commit a felony as per C/S390 of the Penal Code Act.

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