LIVE TEXT: Kenyatta Sworn In As Kenya’s President

Uhuru Kenyatta


3:10 Uhuru: The Sh6bn set aside for the run-off will be used for youth and women funds.

3:09 Uhuru: Real peace and prosperity is when women and young people are seen and heard at decision making table.

3:08 Uhuru: Lasting peace will be established and maintained through multilevel development.

3:07 Uhuru: I will lead all Kenyans, those who voted for me and those who supported my competitors.

3:06 Uhuru: Where systems failed, Kenyans did not. They carried themselves our honourably.

3:05 Uhuru: We will recognise that at the end of the day, it is the kindred spirit of the Kenyan people that was a true headliner in this story.

3:04 Uhuru: History will list and honour individuals and institution that played a part in the poll.

3:03 Uhuru: The youth in our country were meaningfully included in the electoral process.

3:02 Uhuru: I acknowledge all presidential candidates in the March 4 polls because they gave Kenyans a real choice to pick a leader.

3:01 Uhuru: I salute all architects of liberation in Africa.

3:00 Uhuru: I thank retired President Moi for his service to this nation.

2:59 Uhuru: I acknowledge and thank Mwai Kibaki for his service to this nation.

2:58 Uhuru: I thank all Heads of State and their representatives who are here for their support.

2:57 President Uhuru Kenyatta deliver his inaugural speech.

2:53 Ruto: I thank my wife, kids, and the residents of Eldoret North for standing by me.

2:51 Ruto: We will serve all Kenyans equally because that is what Kenyans want.

2:50 Ruto: In both 2002 and 2007 polls people voted for individuals who were not from their communities.

2:49 Ruto: There are people who are worried about the division in this country.

2:21 Museveni: I thank Kibaki who has served Kenyans for the last 50 years, may his retirement be enjoyable.

2:20 Museveni: I would never invite the international community to solve Uganda’s internal problems.

2:18 Museveni: Uganda has also gone though similar conflicts, but we did not go to ICC.

2:17 Museveni: What happened in 2007 was regrettable, but the ICC process is not the solution.

2:16 Museveni: The ICC is being used to choose leaders for Africa

2:15 Museveni: I supported ICC, but it has now been abused.

2:14 Museveni: I salute Kenyans for rejecting the blackmail by ICC.

2:13 Museveni: We need to boost trade be completing the integration of the East Africa Community

2:12 Museveni: East Africa is rich in natural resources; we need to exploit these to boost other sectors

2:11 Museveni: Time has come for our region to coordinate policies that will lead to the transformation of our communities.

2:10 Museveni: Uhuru is coming into office at a time of great opportunity in the East African region.

2:08 Museveni: The Kenyan Electoral process is a cource of pride for all Africans, I congratulate you all.

2:06 Museveni: I commend Raila and Kalonzo for the manner in which they addressed their grievances.

2:06 Museveni congratulates Raila, Kalonzo and other presidential candidates. He says they provided a choice for Kenyans

2: 04 Museveni: I would also like to congratulate Raila, Kalonzo and others for accepting their defeat.

2:03 Museveni: The people of Uganda congratulate you all for upholding peace.

2: 01 Museveni: I congratulate President Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy President Ruto and the Jubilee Coalition for your victory.

2:00 Ruto invites Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni to make his address on behalf of visiting Heads of States.

1:59 Deputy President William Ruto addressing the crowd at Kasarani.

1:54 The Moipei Quartet performing Roger Whittaker’s ‘My land is Kenya‘.

1:50 Jemimah Thion’go sings ‘Mwenye Baraka‘ together with Kenyatta University Choir.

1:48 President Uhuru Kenyatta’s blue standard (including TNA dove) hoisted at State House, Nairobi.

1:45 Commander-in-Chief Uhuru Kenyatta grants permission for the Guard of Honour to exit the Stadium.

1.38pm: Bishop David Oginde leads prayers

1.35pm: Mwai Kibaki receives his Standard from General Julius Karangi

1.33pm: The military performs the 21-gun salute to the new president and Commander in Chief

1.31pm: All three verses of the National Anthem being played as Kibaki’s presidential white Standard is lowered and President Kenyatta’s blue Standard is hoisted.

1.29pm: President Kenyatta takes the Constitution and sword signifying he is now the Commander in Chief of the Defence Forces of Kenya

1.28pm: Chief Justice Mutunga to president over the handing over of the instruments of power and authority

1.25pm: Chief Justice Mutunga hands the certificate of inauguration to President Uhuru Kenyatta

1.21pm: President Kenyatta congratulates his newly-ordained deputy William Ruto

1.17pm: William Ruto takes Oath of Due Execution of the Office of Deputy President

1.15pm: Ruto takes the Oath of Allegiance of the Office of Deputy President

1.13pm: Shollei invites Mrs Racheal Ruto to the inauguration arena

1.11pm: Chief Justice Mutunga welcomes Deputy President-elect William Ruto to the inauguration arena to take his two oaths of office

1.10pm: Chief Justice Willy Mutunga hands over copies of the signed oaths to President Uhuru Kenyatta

1.08: His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta has now taken both oaths of office

1.04pm: Shollei to administer the Oath of Due Execution of the Office of the President on Uhuru Kenyatta

1.02: Shollei administers the Oath of Allegiance of the Office of President on Uhuru Kenyatta

1.01pm: Uhuru Kenyatta steps onto the inauguration arena to take his oath as President of the Republic of Kenya

1.00pm: Shollei welcomes Chief Justice Mutunga to the arena to introduce the president-elect

12.56: Chief Registrar of the Judiciary Gladys Shollei takes her position ready for the swearing-in

12.39: Religious leaders say prayers of dedication for the incoming administration

12.36: President Kibaki shakes hands with invited dignitaries at the dais

12.33: President Kibaki finishes Guard of Honour inspection, now making his way to the dais

12.26: President Kibaki, accompanied by CDF Julius Karangi begins to inspect his final Guard of Honour as president

12.25 Parade Commander invites President Kibaki to inspect the Guard of Honour

12.22 The military plays the East African Community Anthem

12.20: The military plays the National Anthem.

12.19pm: President Mwai Kibaki disembarks the ceremonial military Land Rover to inspect his final Guard of Honour

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