Local NGO, Dairy businessman donate food to Batwa Community in Kisoro

Kisoro – Over 50 families of the Batwa community in Rukene, Rugina village – Nyarusiza sub-county, Kisoro district have received foodstuffs from a local NGO

The Kisoro Concern for the Marginalised, a local Civil society organisation, donated 120 kilos of beans and 200 kilograms of posho, 40 bars of soap and a cartoon of salt to the Rukene community.

The donation was received by the Kisoro RDC captain Peter Mugisha, who doubled as Chairperson of the Taskforce, and the LC5 Abel Bizimana at the district headquarters on Thursday, April 16.

The Kisoro district COVID-19 taskforce also received a boost with a donation of UGX5M from Innocent Bisangwa the proprietor of Burunga Dairy factory in kisoro. 

With the help of the Uganda Red Cross, the food was then taken to Rukene – Rugina in Nyarusiza sub country by the district team and distributed among the Batwa. 

Capt. Peter Mugisha the Kisoro RDC disclosed to our reporter that UGX5M from Bisangwa was the first relief support to the district taskforce since the lockdown was announced more than two weeks ago.

“Bisangwa has not come now; he has been helping the district on many occasions and we still need his support. We have been overwhelmed by a number of expectant mothers calling this office for transportation to the health centres but we did not have fuel to go to the villages to pick them.” Capt. Mugisha revealed.

Alex Nambajimana, the Director of Kisoro Concern for the Marginalised disclosed that the NGO was responding to the call made by Kisoro district authorities to organizations and individuals to help the Batwa who are suffering being that the Batwa most don’t have gardens as they have been depending on locals where they used to go and work and later be paid food in return.  

Nambajimana, who is also the Central Division LCV councillor in kisoro district council, further attested to the organization beginning a school in the area for the Batwa and currently at primary three and has managed to build some houses for the Batwa. 

Stephen Serutoke, chairman of the batwa in Rugina says that it is good that the NGO has come to their rescue as they have been sent to suffering as all people had neglected them mostly politicians. 

He says that they are tired of politicians that usual use them during the time of elections but have now abandoned them vowing that on the coming elections they are ready to chase politicians that will come in their place looking for votes. 

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