Loswash Dethroned as Rear Queen

For quite some time now, Kamwokya based NBS television presenter Argatha Loswash Atiti has been considered to one of the curviest babes in the East African region.


Her reign seems to have come an end.

Step aside, Loswash. There is a new babe that has taken over that crown thanks to her incredibly huge curves and bum.

The yet to be identified babe was discovered by snoops on Sunday when she made an appearance at the Blankets & Wine at the Uganda Museum Grounds.

Clad in a white stripped short sleeved top and black pants that, the dark skinned sexy babe had all dudes’ eyes glued to her lustfully from the moment she walked in with some wondering if God is fair by giving her such a huge and shapely bum yet there are many babes without.


Shocking, when she entered the Tusker malt tent where Loswash was seated, the Pundonor magazine host could not believe her eyes too and even nodded in appreciation.

Unlike Loswash who just sits on her assets, this mystery babe’s booty is well shaped and can shake as she proved that while grooving to the tunes of The Kansoul and Swahili Nation.

“Everywhere this endowed babe moved, all male eyes were on her that most wished they were the ones feasting on her bearded meat.


“She makes Loswash look shapeless and asset-less,” says an eyewitness.

Sadly, she left without snoops identifying her.

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