LRA Victims Want Ongwen Trial To Start Immediately

The Survivors of Lukodi Massacre on Saturday Expressed bitterness over the extension of Dominick Ongwen’s trial at The Hague.


Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said that the case which was to appear in August this year will be heard in January next year.

Justine Ochan the chairperson of Lukodi massacre said the people who survived the massacre feel that the extension of the case is a down play to see Dominic Ogwen, Former LRA commander win since justice delayed is Justice denied.

Lukodi LC 1 Chairman Okullu Gibson said that ICC should go ahead with the trial of Dominic Ongwen on ground that Justice must be served to local survivors.

Komakech Patrick the LCV councilor for Patiko Sub County tasked the Prosecutor to explain more on witness protection while Balington Pa Ongwech the LCV councilor for Bungatira subcounty said he feels that ICC should do its part and government should also separately compensate Lukodi people because it was a protected camp when the massacre happened in 2004.

“I know Lukodi people want even the UPDF investigated because government told us to leave our villages in 7 days only and join the IDP protected camp and we followed government order by then but it was unfortunate that our people were killed in the UPDF protected camp so government must also pay the People of Lukodi a separate compensation different from the one of the ICC,” Balintone said.


In her response the ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said that she asked to be given four more months because she wants to fully have evidence that will pin Ongwen on crimes against Humanity.

She also told LRA war victims that if  Domic Ogwen wins the case, ICC victims will not be repatriated and Lukodi victims will miss the Victim trust funds so the People in Lukodi should provide all information so that she can present a tangible case before the Judges.

“Am just a prosecutor who collects all evidence and have to convince the Judges that really the atrocities happened and it is only you people that will make this case stand. My 4 month extension is to fully prepare so that the case has a solid ground,” she said.

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