Lukwago To M7: You Will Never Break My Spirit

Beleaguered Kampala City Mayor Erias Lukwago

The beleaguered Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.
The beleaguered Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

Beleaguered Kampala City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has in a message posted on social media assured President Yoweri Museveni that he will never break his spirit, hours after the Supreme Court blocked his return to office.

Five judges of the Supreme Court in a joint ruling delivered by Deputy Registrar Thaddeus Opesen said that they do not have jurisdiction to hear an appeal arising from a decision of one justice of the court of Appeal.

“I rest my case with an assurance to H.E. president Museveni; You will never break my spirit”, Lukwago wrote on Facebook.

In his message, Lukwago who agreed with the Supreme Court’s decision and thanked his supporters who have “Walked with me in this apparently protracted and strenuous battle” before adding that he has prepared himself “For a long haul and developed a thick skin and shock absorbers” for what lies ahead in his battle for ‘People’s sovereignty”

Below is Lukwago’s message

A BIG THANK YOU to all comrades who have walked with me in this apparently protracted and strenuous battle. It’s a trying moment for our country, a trying moment for the people of Kampala, a trying moment for all institutions and constitutional governance in general. I will always carry my head high as long as am on the right side of history. Am fully alive to the fact that the struggle for people‘s sovereignty has never been an easy one. It’s for that reason that I prepared myself for a long haul and developed a thick skin and shock absorbers. My reservations notwithstanding, i have no choice but to graceful bow before their lordships and pursue the matter in the Court of Appeal as directed. The political maneuvers behind this paradoxical verdict, that were brought to our attention well in time, will one day be documented. Justice delayed is justice denied. I rest my case with an assurance to H.E. president Museveni; YOU WILL NEVER BREAK MY SPIRIT.


Lukwago’s appeal arose on April 1st this year when he petitioned the Supreme Court seeking to overturn the earlier orders of Justice Steven Kavuma of the Court Appeal, who had among others kicked the Lord Mayor out of City Hall hardly three hours after he resumed the same.

The kicking out of Lukwago from City Hall on March 31, followed an appeal by KCCA and Attorney General who claimed to be distressed with the earlier orders of High Court judge Lydia Mugambe.

Justice Mugambe had on March 28 ruled that Lukwago’s removal from office by the 29 KCCA councillors on November 25 last year was illegal.

Justice Mugambe observed that there was an existing court order stopping the same purported impeachment and that the same was null and void before ordering Lukwago to resume his office.

This appeal was heard by a panel of five justices of the Supreme Court on April 24 and was reserved for ruling on notice. Justices; Dr Esther Kisaakye Mayambala, Benjamin Odoki, Galdino Okello, John Wilson Tsekooko and Christine Kitumba heard the appeal.

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7 thoughts on “Lukwago To M7: You Will Never Break My Spirit

  1. To our elected Mayor just word of advice as follows: u must know that politics is a dirty game. You have what money cannot buy or Jenifer and M7 does not have the people support. So far u failed to use them. Just come up with simple and small project that will not need money which will be,sanitary,orderly trafffic directionn. It is easy to blame others but you brought it on yourself. Just come down and show us your plan.

    1. I’m sure my sister Ruth, your one of the few who are happy with such a verdict which has denied the people of this beautiful city Kampala its rightful administrator,His Lordship the Mayor Elias Lukwago.As he mentioned in his social media platform that ”Its a trying moment for OUR country,a trying moment the people of Kampala, trying moment for all institutions and constitutional governance in general” Cry the beloved country Uganda because in the constitution is where we expect to find retribution but if you’re going to accost the most learned friends of the land and they are one sided to just to make sure that the appointing authority is happy without thinking about the majority who put trust this one man, then Uganda needs divine intervention. Some people think that one day this banana republic will never have a leader who thinks about his/her people like true leader not a ruler,and think that it will be so difficult to make things right once again, then you have another thing coming because someone will be held accountable to all this bulls..t happening everyday. Ruth and the few who are celebrating now, think about the future and the next generation! Does ”For God and my country” mean anything to you?

  2. So, Museveni is capable to scaring the Odokis of this world, but not clever fellows like Lukwago. Shame to you Odoki, go retire in peace.

  3. The Lord Mayor might soon become the Court Mayor since he has appeared and appealed to court after court. Lukwago it is time to change tactics! The legal aspects render support to the struggle; do not mistake them for the real pillars of the struggle. The struggle can better be won socio-politically.

  4. well, when the judges rule in Lukwago’s favour, then justice has prevailed, when they rule against him, then it is Museveni who is behind the scenes. very interesting but sad. one must find a reason why he or she is losing, some are just too cheap!

  5. I just wonder why a supreme court takes 5 months to notify us that the first ruling by the court of apeal was not valid so this case referred back ????

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