Lukwago Warns M7 Over Hate Speeches

Lukwago Warns M7 Over Hate Speeches

Kampala Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago has thrown fire at President Museveni over the rhetoric statements he has all along been uttering to the public about him and his mentor Besigye saying they are hate speeches aiming at tarnishing their names.

While reacting to Museveni’s speech in Katwe last month where he advised traders to always chase the likes of him and Dr. Besigye from their markets because they are disruptive and anti-development, Lukwago said that Museveni is doing nothing other than advocating for mob justice which he should stop.

“Actually he is advocating for mob justice. He was inciting violence only that he is cushioned against prosecution under the law. But the president’s statements were very dangerous,” Lukwago reacted.

Lukwago also responded to Museveni’s aphorism that if somebody went and disrupted or attacked his cattle business in Rwakitura, he would stab that person probably to death, saying he is calling up Kampala people to lynch him and Besigye wherever they see them which is so risky to their lives.

According to Lukwago, he is not moved by Museveni’s words saying, because people like him and that’s why they voted overwhelmingly for him and Besigye.

“How come these are the very people who voted for me overwhelmingly with a huge margin against his candidate? How come those people who are victims of our ‘indiscipline’ are the same people who voted us? It doesn’t add up.” the confident Lukwago concluded.

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