Lukyamuzi Moves To Censure Tumwebaze

MP Ken Lukamuzi

MP Ken Lukamuzi
MP Ken Lukamuzi

Outspoken Rubaga South MP John Ken Lukyamuzi is leading a section of parliamentarians drafting a censor motion against Frank Tumwebaze, the minister in charge of Kampala.

Lukyamuzi accuses Tumwebaze of openly ignoring a court order which was stopping a meeting which ousted Erias Lukwago from the office of the lord mayor.

Lukwago was yesterday voted out of office by KCCA councillors after a tribunal found him guilty of incompetence and abuse of office.  He lost the ballot by 29 votes to three. Tumwebaze chaired the meeting.

However, Lukyamuzi who also doubles as the Conservative Party President claims Tumwebaze’s action is a demonstration that Uganda no longer respects rule of law.  He now undertakes to collect signatures as a sanction for the motion to have the minister equally ousted under article 118 of the constitution of Uganda.

The article provides that parliament may by a resolution supported by more than half of all members of parliament pass a vote of censor against a minister on grounds of abuse of office, misconduct or misbehaviour or willful violation of the oath of allegiance.

MPs Ken Lukyamuzi being pushed yesterday. His colleagues like Latif Sebaggala and Sebuliba Mutumba didn’t survive the assault.
MPs Ken Lukyamuzi being pushed yesterday. His colleagues like Latif Sebaggala and Sebuliba Mutumba didn’t survive the assault.

Lukyamuzi states that the kind of impunity displayed at Kampala Capital city Authority yesterday while impeaching Lukwago cannot be accepted anywhere in the country.

Lukyamuzi also condemned the denial of his entry and counterparts Ssebuliba Mutumba and Latif Ssebagala to the KCCA Council meeting in which they are recognised as ex-official members according to the KCCA Act.

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15 thoughts on “Lukyamuzi Moves To Censure Tumwebaze

  1. Nonsense of you Lukyamuzi. Tukoye banakyengwanyiza mugwanga lyaffe Uganda. Hon.Tumwebaze followed the right procedures to see the useless Nalongo Lukwago out of city hall. Twakowa the likes of Lukyamuzi, Lukwago, Munyangwa, Besigye,Nsereko, Betty, Sewanyana and all that kind of club.

    1. Tumwesigye sebo, if u can’t write proper Luganda then don’t try it at all. And by the way, “It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all the doubt of it.” If u are tired of some people, don’t u think that we are also tired your insane government? Next time try to articulate issues. God Bless You.

      1. Munange Charles if you can’t defeat the mighty government better join it than making noise on the streets.

  2. ken D man we need pipo to walk d talk not wolokoso to catch the eye of the public because we have heard several of the censorships but have never yielded lets watch d space

  3. Lukyamuzi is joking as usual. He will be running through banana plantations again when Kaweesi appears on his door step.

  4. Well its a good move but i doubt you will succeed. Its the politics of numbers that will come into play. Not forgetting that you are found of such plots that totally don’t succeed. Uganda’s Opposition isn’t smart enough….

  5. Lukyamuzi is doing this for selfish reasons, clearly, simply because he was manhandled, not because Tumwebaze has violated the law.. there’s no one serving the country at this point in time, no one at all, not tumwebaze, not his superiors, not Lukwago, not manyangwa, not the judge who issued the order, not the police…absolutely no one is serving the country… he cannot have my support despite the fact I hate all the Fracas that is happening in the country. What is tragic is that us young people (in our 30s) have been brought into the system & manipulated to completely misbehave & destroy the country, this is so sad having a breed of young people in power but ONLY being coached how to abuse it to serve selfish interests of their superiors hence theirs too… who is the leader of tomorrow?

  6. Hahahaha lol I knew uganda had comedians, I never thought they are also in parliament. I really feel sorry for uganda. Impeach Tumwebaze ???? Hon ken how are u going to do that? Hahahahahah, how do these people get to parliament? I was told Kato Lubwama wants to replace him.

    1. how do these people get to parliament?ANSWER- Treasury is looted to bribe voters and Electoral commission taken over by intelligence to doctor results. At least this is proven for several of those dozing NRM MPs. I don’t know whether the opposition-leaning MPs also got access to treasury and accessed electoral comm tallying centres. That’s why the Tumwebazess are in parliament and execut. and cannot be impeached. The game the Tumwebazes played for Lukwago is the sideshow during national elections. You hear them with wide eyes and shalessly saying M7 was popularly elected. Hhahahaha

  7. Poor comedian. Jumping at any and everything. Where did he end with impeaching the president.

    Maybe he wants to explain these numbers:

    34: The number of KCCA Councillors – 100%.
    29: The number of Councillors that censured Lukwago – 85%.
    16: The number of NRM Councillors that censured Lukwago – 47%.
    13: The number of non-NRM Councillors that censured Lukwago – 38%.
    01:The number of NRM Councillors that did not censure Lukwago – 03%.
    02: The number of non-NRM Councillors that did not censure Lukwago – 06%.
    Question: Why did so many Councillors (85%) censure the ex-Lord Mayor Lukwago?

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