Luzira Triple Murder UPDF Soldier Charged

Herbert Rwakihembo

Herbert Rwakihembo
Herbert Rwakihembo

Herbert Rwakihembo, a UPDF lance corporal accused of murdering three women including his wife has been charged with three counts of murder in a public trial before the Divisional Court martial at Luzira Church of Uganda primary School on Monday.

Rwakihembo, who is attached to Luzira Military barracks in Kampala was tried before a fully packed public court as a lesson to other soldiers.

The move is aimed at holding undisciplined soldiers directly accountable to the people and ensuring that justice is seen being done to the offenders.

The soldier is accused of shooting his wife Irene Kawendeke and two other women in a saloon in Kisenyi zone III in Luzira, Nakawa Municipality in Kampala on December 10, 2012 at around 7:45pm.

This was after he confronted his wife over accountability of profits from a business he had funded to which Irene replied by brushing him off to the cheers of the other women in the saloon.

He walked to the barracks and retrieved his gun – an AK 47, which he used to shoot the three women dead.




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  1. Who is Bafirawala?are you normal?the guy asks for his sweat he is rubished and if it is God’s grace really what do you expect?it was bad but people should know how,when and what to say on different times.

  2. Sorry Herbert, You acted so fast but i do understand your reaction. after a hard earned 1 yr of service in a foreign land court must understand the provocation you got and reduce your sentence. All the best Lad, keep your attitude you will bounce back to life!

  3. Let us not talk about a wife and a husband. This is a boss asking about accountabillity of profits in the business he open She should give a proper answer.

  4. Comrade herbert!! you should have disabled those crooks!!! just the way we did to al shababs…

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