Lwakataka Killed People, But Was Shielded By Police-M7

Lwakataka Killed People, But Was Shielded By Police-M7

President Yoweri Museveni last night revealed that renowned rally driver Posiano Lwakataka is a criminal who killed nine people, but instead of being arrested, the police sabotaged the investigations and ended up arresting witnesses.

While speaking at  AIGP Felix Kaweesi’s vigil at his home in Kulambiro, Kampala, yesterday, Museveni, who first warned Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura to clean his house said that “The police has been infiltrated by criminals. Especially the CIID. Instead of arresting criminals they turn against people who bring them information. There are people amongst them those who even leak information; before the one who has reported reaches home, the person he has reported has been informed by the police.  For example there is this criminal in Rakai who killed 9 people, but instead of arresting    him, the police turned against the witness and arrested those who brought them information.” After saying this, the President asked Kayihura and others around him that “What was his name? That criminal?” And they told him in Unison that “Lwakataka.” Museveni said “Yes, Lwakataka. That criminal.”

It should be noted that  Lwakataka was arrested in 2014 for allegedly killing nine people who included a Pastor in Kyebe parish, Rakai district, his wife, children and relatives. Who were all butchered at their home in Kanbaulemu village.

However, the case died a natural death after court rejected police evidence  and a confession given by Asuman Muddu, who was a key witness  and self-confessed Lwakataka accomplice in the gruesome multiple murder. Lwakataka was released but word has that he is being hunted by police for allegedly dealing in immature fish after his brother and wife being arrested last week over the same.

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