M23 Rebels Withdraw From Goma City

M23 rebels pulling out of the City of Goma

M23 rebels pulling out of the City of Goma

Democratic republic of Congo rebels, m23 have withdrawn from the eastern city of Goma, less than two weeks after they captured it.

Regional leaders meeting in Kampala last week after the fall of Goma City into the hands of the rebels resolved that the rebels should pull out of the city towards the town of Kibumba.

The group’s leader Colonel Sultani Makenga confirmed this development on Saturday saying “We are leaving Goma, the officials are leaving and the police are leaving,”

He added that while his fighters were honoring their part of the deal, the Kinshasa government Led by Joseph Kabila should reciprocate because failure to do so would force them to resume hostilities

“We are not very far and we can come back”. he said

In April this year, the rebels mutinied leading to unrest in the east of the vast central African nation leaving an estimated 500, 000 people displaced.

Regional neighbors Uganda and Rwanda have been by accused by a UN report of aiding the rebels although the two nations have vehemently denied these allegations.

The rebels were seen leaving Goma city on flat bed trucks and have now been replaced by Congolese policemen.

More than 270 Congolese policemen have arrived in the city port as part of the transition.

“Now Congolese government policemen are controlling the central bank, the governor’s office and the border post,” Ugandan Brig Jeffrey Muheesi, who serves on a mission sent by regional leaders to observe the withdrawal.

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