M7 Expels Field Force Unit out of Kampala

M7 Expels Field Force Unit out of Kampala

By Serestino Tusingwire

President Museveni has ordered the police chief to withdraw the Field Force Unit from Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) because of incompetence.

According to Museveni, many of the FFU officers are aged and less educated to handle criminal cases while others have indiscipline issues.

Some of the FFU officers are now facing disciplinary charges in police court for beating up Dr. Kizza Besigye supporters.

Police chief Gen Kale Kayihura has already directed the new Kampala Metropolitan Police commander, Frank Mwesigwa to replace more than 10,000 FFU officers with those from the General Duties Department.

According to Kayihura, the FFU officers will be sent to areas that have armed and ethnic violence, like the Rwenzori region.

However the shadow minister of internal affairs, Muwanga Kivumbi refuted the incompetence claims saying the FFU officers were brought for a specific mission to help President Museveni rig elections, which they have achieved.

It is alleged that this is being done to create space for the new officers who were passed out on the weekend from the police training school in Kabalye Masindi.

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