M7 Hails Russia’s Anti-imperialism Stance

President Museveni (L) and his Russian Counterpart Vladmir Putin

President Museveni (L) and his Russian Counterpart Vladmir Putin

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has praised Russia for opposing hegemonism and imperialist practices, saying they have the capacity to contribute to world peace.

President Museveni who is in Russia on a state visit made these remarks on Monday while presenting a public lecture to the students and community of the prestigious Moscow State Institute of International Relations University of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in Moscow under the theme “The situation in the Modern World and Africa”

The Ugandan President however did not mention the said imperialists though many will interprete Museveni’s remarks to mean western countries.

Museveni said Africa is poised to become a global force and its progress is irreversible.

“We know what the bottlenecks have been and we are addressing them.  Nothing will stop us this time.  Russia was our partner in the independence struggle.  It is unfortunate that the Soviet Union had problems when we needed each other most.However, Russia has recovered.  Let us resume where we left off.  We salute the stand of Russia and China in opposing hegemonism and imperialist practices.  Progressive forces in Africa, working with Russia, China, Brazil, etc., have the capacity to contribute to World peace,” he said.

Museveni said hegemonism and imperialism are not the answer to dictatorship but genuine liberation struggles – armed or peaceful – waged by the people themselves.

“With improvements in weapons’ technology – with the use of precision bombs (laser and satellite guided), stealth bombers, cruise-missiles, anti-missiles technology, ECM technology, etc., renewed arrogance is manifesting itself in some quarters in the Western world.  This arrogance and boldness have been encouraged by the encounters with incompetent and bombastic Third World leaders, like Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gadaffi who could not organize a structured people’s war and maintain cohesion of the aggressed people,” he said. Museveni said while he does not extol the mistakes of these leaders, Africa was taken by surprise because it did not expect such brazen actions or such disdain for the African position.

“Whatever is pushing those actors, they are making a big mistake.  Cooperating with Africa is the wise thing to do.  Partnership is the correct way and those countries do not have anything to lose by taking that route – but everything to gain.  After all, many African countries have historical links with these countries.  Cooperation would serve everybody well,” he said.

Museveni who was flanked by the Vice Rector for International and Public Affairs Andrei V. Silantiev, said the aggressiveness that is being shown by the actions of some Western countries in Libya, in total disregard of the AU position, was confusing.

“Is it on account of increased power; is it out of panic on account of the gradual loss of global leadership or is it on account of determination to access new resources in order to postpone the gradual receding in terms of global leadership? In the case of Libya, the African Union had a plan to sort out the issues of Gadafi.  If the Western countries had listened to us, the issues of Libya would have been solved in a less disruptive manner.  As matters turned out, a lot of destruction was done in Libya and a lot of fall-out has affected the neighbouring countries such as Mali, where a huge chunk of that country is now being controlled by terrorist groups.  Where conflicts occur, the proper formula to address them is the one that creates a ‘Trinity’ of: the internal stakeholders, the Regional Organizations and the International Community.  If you go away from this ‘Trinity’, you fail,” he said, adding that “this formula was used in Burundi and succeeded.  We used it in Sudan and we succeeded, although some of the issues have not yet been solved.

Responding to various issues, the President called for direct flights from Russia to Uganda to fast track trade and development and urged the Russian private sector to come to Uganda.

On the arms contract with Russia, the President said while the initial contract was in arms trade, Uganda was working towards building its own capacity and that the Russian government is willing to support it.

Museveni said while progress with the African Customs Union is slow, there is progress in the blocks including COMESA, ECOWAS etc that were working well. He said nuclear as a source of cheap electricity, medicinal purposes and as a clean source of fuel was good for Africa. He also clarified that it was not the Acholi tribe that was fighting government but individual elements who were defeated and disbanded out of Uganda.




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16 thoughts on “M7 Hails Russia’s Anti-imperialism Stance

  1. This is a common trend with dictators, once they fall out with the West they run to Russia and China. He wants to please his hosts and get much needed aid because the west is threatening to cut their aid

  2. ” renewed arrogance is manifesting itself in some quarters of the western world..” a sure them mr. president. but when they come for you.

  3. You’ve got to give it to comrade M7. He knows how to play his international politics. There is no way he is going out like Gaddafi or Mubarak.

    He should note though that Russia and China let Saddam and Gaddafi hang. They also seem to have little conviction about helping Syria.

  4. mr m7 for other devpments yes u can……but 4 nuclear we dnt need it i Africa…first look at the side effects be4 calling 4 that deadly “development”

  5. Huum; mr.M7 might be punsihed by the west form mkaing these creless or careful statements in Russia!! Let us hope USA did not hear these statements.


  6. This comes at a time when the president is losing ground on the Western front. Desperate moments like this has not helped dictators like Saddam and others. Mr preseident political games have a limit. How do you expect conceal rumpant corruption in your Govemenent by playing a hide and seek game amongst super powers and expect to leave longer ? Wish you the very best

  7. I’m surprised that Museveni does not know that Russia itself was and still is an Imperialist power. Has this man totally lost his mind? The Russians must have taken this for a joke. It was not until the 1990’s that Russia lost her status (USSR).

  8. Its funny how cowardly some of these comments seem, believe in ur resources n wealth Uganda, dont run away from it, if u dont use nuclear energy stop mourning about power cuts then…..

  9. Leaders need to think twice before making any move. be rest assured the west is watching the president’s moves with great interest.

  10. It seems most people think that the west is the bastion of everything good. Recall slavery and who did it! Do you know Sir Alexander Barclays and Sir Francis Drake?. Just to inform you, incase you have not had the opportunity to know, These were slave traders. Drake was also a pirate, like the somalis these days while Alexander Barclays was a slave trader turned a banker to finance the trade, hence Barclays Bank today!. Do you know that in Europe it was a classed society based on skin color? and that black was the most hated?. Incse you don’t know some of these things, I suppose you are a football fan for these European teams, I guess you are following the rascist remarks and the court fines these teams are paying for rascist behaviour. Do you know what it was that brought about the Mau Mau movement in Kenya in the ’50s and the by the way do you know about the Sharpville massaccres in South Africa and the liberation struggles in the then Portugese Mozambique ( Nsubiji), Do you know something about the fronline states? If you know all these or if you don’t, take time and read then you will understand why M7 sid what he did. Otherwise do not live in ignorance.

  11. It’s not what he said, it’s when he says it. Mr Museveni used to be the poster boy to the west, now they are exposing him any chance they get, mr president the honeymoon with the west is over. You are no good to them nomore, they are waiting for your day to trash you .sorry.

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