M7 names most corrupt gov’t officials as Ugandans celebrate his achievements and legacy


President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has exposed the main perpetrators of corruption in Uganda.

According to the President, the current problem of corruption in the country is mainly being spearheaded by the Permanent Secretaries, Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs), Town Clerks and Gombolola Chiefs.

“These are the four people in Uganda who are in charge of government money, personnel, jobs and procurement. So, the corruption which is happening is because of these four and unfortunately, they have let themselves down but we are here. I have your support and that of the freedom fighters and the victims are also there so the three of us, we are going to crush the corrupt,” he said.

President Museveni made the remarks today as thousands gathered at Kololo Independence Grounds to celebrate his achievements and legacy.

He also revealed that he was disturbed by reports that the District Service Commissions solicit money from ordinary Ugandans in order to give them jobs.

“Actually, I’m going to investigate the case in Kagadi myself. How can such things happen? You [victims] should report and we deal with such people.”

President Museveni also warned agents of Western powers who want to disrupt and cause instability in Uganda,saying he will not allow it to happen.

“All what we have achieved currently should not be disrupted by self-seekers. We cannot allow such people to disorganize our peace,” he warned.

At the same event, President Museveni thanked the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Secretariat for organising the function.

“I want to thank Hon. Rosemary Seninde and the NRM Secretariat for organising this function. You say you are recognizing the contribution of Yoweri Museveni, but you should say recognizing the work of the National Resistance Movement. Yoweri Museveni could not have done all this alone. Yoweri Museveni was part of the student movement of the 1960s, he was part of FRONASA fighting Idi Amin, he was part of the NRA, part of UPDF and part of the NRM so this is what we are celebrating here not Yoweri Museveni alone. And in future you could remember to have those groups like the historical command of the NRA,” he asserted.

President Museveni informed Ugandans that the NRM government under his stewardship has managed to progressively lead Uganda due to the party’s right ideology.

“What I want to remind you on this occasion is that when the FRONASA and NRA came on the political scene of Uganda in the 1960s, there was a difference in opinion, strategy and thinking. What the NRM came with is what we call the ‘Mass-line’ in that, whatever we do we think about the masses. While previously, the line and emphasis was on elitism only. The NRM has always been on the side of the ordinary people and the elite,” he expounded.

President Museveni further highlighted to the masses the achievements of the NRM government ever since it came in power in 1986.

“On the side of security, I can say that the NRM has implemented its idea of security for all because remember our line is a line of the masses. We have also been able to roll-out mass immunisation and as I speak today there are 14 vaccines which are being given to the people. We started with 6, they are now 14, that is why you hear that some sicknesses have stopped. We also expanded the health infrastructure up to the sub counties,” the President said.

President Museveni further noted that the government has managed to provide free education for all Ugandans, and they intend to completely remove charges in government schools.

“Some of the school managers have been bringing back these charges but this is not correct. Now, I’m going to get a report from Maama Janet, it seems there’s a lot of stealing of money in the education system. If we remove corruption from the education system, we are going to be able to educate all our children in the government schools, free of charge. All of you who are here, the NRM supporters, take it as your responsibility to ensure that when we are ready, we should remove charges in government schools and in order to do that, we must get rid of all the corruption in the education system,” he explained.

When it comes to prosperity for all, President Museveni said the country is moving in the right direction and the government has put in place avenues to help Ugandans get involved in wealth creation.

“Those who listen to the NRM message have managed to progress. I’m very glad to see that you appreciate what the NRM has done and what I want is to ask those who are not yet involved in wealth creation to get involved by ensuring that you are in commercial agriculture, industry, services or ICT sectors.”

He also called for the consolidation of the East African common market to ensure a stable market for the products and services in the region.

The President also cautioned against the illegal land evictions in the country, reiterating that the act is not acceptable, and the government will do everything possible to protect the vulnerable tenants.

The First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Maama Janet Museveni praised God for choosing President Museveni to lead and build Uganda for the last 38 years.

“God has been kind to Uganda because He is the one who determines what happens on earth. He is the creator of life, and He watches over it so He is the one who chose where Uganda has reached and chose Yoweri Museveni to lead and build Uganda,” she noted.

The First Lady also commended the President for his resilience to see the good in all people of Uganda, a quality that has enabled his government to plan better for the nation.

She also revealed that Universal Primary Education and Universal Secondary Education is one of the ways the government has been striving to strengthen the weakest link among Ugandans to ensure that ignorance can become a thing of the past.

“I know it has not been able to achieve all the objectives but we continue to believe that sooner rather than later it will achieve those objectives,”Maama Janet said.

On behalf of the District Executive Committee of Ntungamo, Maama Janet gifted President Museveni two Ankole bulls, a traditional stool and a spear.

The Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. RobinahNabbanja thanked Ugandans for loving President Museveni, which she said was evident by the high number of people who gathered at Kololo to celebrate his achievements.

The National Resistance Movement Secretary General, Rt. Hon. Richard Todwong thanked President Museveni for his wise leadership that has enabled him to transform Uganda socially and economically.

“We thank you for the stewardship you have given to this country and we pray to God to continue giving you health and strength to see us through. Your Excellency, we are just excited to celebrate and appreciate you today. Your Excellency, we can celebrate you in many ways because everyone in Uganda finds space to do something under your leadership,” Rt. Hon. Todwong said.

“Because of the peace and stability in this country, the families are settled, the country is settled, and the economy is growing. We thank you.”

The NRM Director for Mobilisation, Hon. Rosemary NansubugaSeninde who led the organising team of the event, informed the President that they decided to appreciate and celebrate his legacy because his immense contributions towards the development of Uganda deserve recognition.

“We appreciate the sacrifices that you have made over the years as a leader in the service of humanity and you have registered tremendous achievements that have benefited not only Uganda but the region. Your Excellency, good work is worth recognition. We celebrate your achievements and legacy. Your Excellency, in our culture, we believe in the importance of appreciating those who do good. We appreciate your good leadership Your Excellency,” Hon. Seninde said.

“The reason why we have organised this, is that our people need to get information of our past, in order to appreciate the present so that we can be able to plan for the future. You got this country from far, Your Excellency.”

The event was also attended by the Vice President, H.E Jessica Alupo, the NRM 1st National Vice Chairman, Alhajji Moses Kigongo, Ministers, Members of Parliament, religious and cultural leaders, members of the diplomatic corps, among other dignitaries.


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