M7 Returns To Luwero To Oversee His Kawumu Village Farm

M7 Returns To Luwero To Oversee His Kawumu Village Farm

President Museveni over the weekend went back to Kawumu village in Luwero to check on the progress of his plants he planted in November last year.

The president popularized his anti poverty campaign by riding a bicycle which he used to fetch water that was used to irrigate his seedlings.

                                                                 Museveni riding a biycle on his way to the gardens

Museveni yesterday laughed at his critics who criticized his actions saying they are now ashamed of their actions.

“Abaali bansekerera bajje bandabe” he said repeatedly as he toured his farm and also doing mulching work on it.

The farm sits on four acres out of the 21 total acreage and has mangoes, bananas, pawpaws, coffee, fish ponds, cows among other enterprise which are all doing well.

                                                                          Museveni harvesting Mashrooms

“Mulching is good because it stops erosion, direct sun contact with the soil, it keeps water in the soil and also acts as manure when it decomposes” he said.

The president also promised to fire all non performing RDCS, and ISO bosses right from village level. He said these people instead of fighting corruption; they are instead part of the problem.


The president also took time to respond to Red Pepper reports about the alleged failing economy. He said while the paper said the economy was falling, he chose to keep quiet because this wasn’t true.
“Red Pepper, they write lies. The other day they said the economy was falling. I looked at them and I ignored it “he said.

                                                         Museveni touring the Fish ponds at his home in Kawumu


During the NRA struggle, Kawumu village acted as base where the rebels met and passed various documents relating to the code of conduct by the fighters, they also sat here to form the UPDF high command, Army Council among other major issues that helped them win the war.

Museveni also left from Kawumu to travel abroad to get guns. The president wass today visiting farmers in the area and that this farm will serve as a demonstration farm for Luweero and Nakaseke area people.

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