M7 To Karamoja People: Dig Pit Latrines With Proper Covers

President Yoweri Museveni has urged the Karamoja leadership to wage a campaign against killer diseases like Hepatitis E by encouraging every home stead to improve on hygiene especially in digging pit latrines with proper covers.


“There should be a campaign to build latrines with proper covers to avoid the spread of disease, “he said and explained that it is by proper disposal of all human waste that people can avoid contracting hepatitis E that is spread mainly by flies.

“This sickness affects the liver and we all have only liver unlike the kidneys or lungs that are two. Once the liver is damaged, it will be a big problem for you,” he cautioned.

The President, accompanied by his wife Mrs. Janet Museveni who is also the Minister for Karamoja Affairs, was yesterday addressing a rally at Karenga Boys Primary School in Napore County Kaabong district in Karamoja sub-region.


The President added that other types of Hepatitis diseases like that of B is mainly transmitted through body fluids and sharp objects, and urged the people to look after their health.

He called on the Public Broadcaster, Uganda Broadcasting Corporation, to boost their signals in Karamoja sub-region to enable wanainchi in the area including those in Napore to receive health messages that can help them stem avoidable diseases.

Mr. Museveni also cautioned the people of Karamoja sub-region to guard against other deadly disease like Marburg by not shaking hands while greeting.

“I call upon you to stop shaking hands, just wave to the people, until further notice” he advised.

Commenting on the issue of the wildlife corridor in Kidepo Valley National Park, the President reiterated his pledge to find an everlasting solution to the problem after exhaustively establishing facts about the corridor.

President Museveni, who began his speech by explaining to the gathering the four key opportunities available today for eradicating poverty, asked them to embrace modernization through commercial agriculture for food security and incomes, industrialization, services sector and ICT.


The President particularly encouraged the people of Napore to exploit opportunities available in their area in the sectors of agriculture and tourism.

“You people here are very lucky. You have potential for the three sectors that include modern commercial farming, Industries and services in a big scale because of Kidepo National Park that you have here.

Kidepo is wealth as long as you keep it well. Tourists will come to you with money,” he said. The President had earlier down an ariel view of the disputed valley corridor with officials from Uganda wildlife authority and elders from the Napore development association who are disputing the boundaries.

At the same occasion The President was introduced to over 50 former warriors who fled to Sudan to avoid the disarmament exercise and were convinced by the RDC Kaabong to surrender their guns and return home.

They pledged to remain good citizens and join the rest of the Karimojong to develop not only their area but also Uganda as a whole.

President Museveni donated to their SACCO Shs. 30 million to start productive life. The President later had an interactive discussion with community members about why the NAADs programme failed and why he decided to do away with coordinators.

The Minister of Karamoja Affairs Mrs. Janet Museveni outlined the achievements the NRM government has registered in the region especially in the areas of peace and food security among many others that has now made the Karimojong lead a settled life.

“What is happening in Karamoja is something to thank President Museveni for and the NRM government,” she said calling on the Karimojong to use the long rainy season to grow enough food.

Earlier on arrival, the President, accompanied by the Minister of Karamoja Affairs Minister Mrs. Janet Museveni commissioned Karenga water supply.

Also present were the Ministers of State for Karamoja Affairs Ms. Barbra Oundo Nekesa and that of Ethics and Integrity who is also the area MP Fr. Simon Lokodo.

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