MAK Dons On Spot Over Sex For Marks, 17 Girls Confess

by Guild President, Bala David Bwiruka


Seventeen female students of Makerere University are accusing their lecturers of making sexual advances on them in return for marks.

by Guild President, Bala David Bwiruka
Guild President, Bala David Bwiruka

The girls are reportedly said to have offered themselves and pleaded to give the lecturers “anything they want” so as not to re-sit the exams, tests or coursework, while other lecturers demanded for sex.

This was revealed by Makerere University Guild President Bala David Bwiruka while addressing a session of students’ leaders (GRCS) last week.

He said he had received complaints from 17 girls and some of them are said to be in possession of recorded evidence.

“I have received complaints from seventeen university girls so far. They trusted me and revealed how some lecturers made sexual advances on them in exchange for good marks however, up to date the lecturers have never given them the marks they wanted,” said MAK Guild president Bala David.

He however added that some of the girls accepted that they were the ones who approached lecturers and offered themselves but they were disappointed because after everything the lecturers did not change their marks.

Bala told the students’ leaders that the girls want him to intervene by informing the University Council and they are willing to name the lecturers in question.

“When I received these complaints, I did not take them lightly .I have already talked to Mrs. Irene Ovonji Odida the Vice Chairperson University Council and also a member of FIDA Uganda. She has promised to look into the matter before this semester ends,” Bala said.

“The University sexual harassment committee will sit together with the students and look into the matter.”

Bala warned that as students’ leaders, they cannot tolerate such behavior and therefore the responsible lecturers should be brought to book.

However some students’ leaders that our reporters talked to revealed that they cannot entirely believe in these girls accusations saying they could be targeting some of the lecturers.

“If it is true, these girls should produce evidence to back their accusations. It can be a recording or a video clip but not just mere claims,” said Andrew Nsawoteeba the MAK GRC.

“You see as lecturers here at Makerere i don’t think we are in good terms with each other. There are those who will do anything to bring us down and I suspect these girls are being used.  You remember the scenario of Prof Baryamureeba sometime back? I don’t deny such cases are there but we need evidence because I believe all these seventeen girls coming out to confess at once, there is something going on,” a lecturer noted on condition of anonymity.

However it is reportedly said that some of the complainants even have sex tapes of the lecturers in question.

Makerere University Council, the University’s supreme governing body is yet to sit and some of the key things on the agenda will be the students’ affairs as well as a report about the recent scandal of marks alteration will be tabled.

According to Education minister Jessica Alupo, the exchange of sex for marks at universities by some students lowers the education standards and therefore students who engage in such behavior risk being punished.

“I have heard of cases where students offer sex for good results and also seduce lectures to give them free marks,” she said adding that “This is a warning to all those doing it.  It is a criminal offence that is punishable.”

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