Mak Suicide Boy: The Inside Story

Benjamin Kumumanya, the deceased’s father (L) Kagyina (C) and Mary Stuart Hall from where Kagyina jumped to death

On Sunday 11th November grief gripped Makerere University community when a second year student Emmanuel Kagyina died after jumping off the top of Mary Stuart hall at the university campus on Sunday night.

The deceased was a student in the college of Humanities and Social Sciences and son to Ministry of Foreign Affairs under Secretary Benjamin Nkumumanya.

This tragic incident comes two months after another student Isaac Mutekanga, a software engineering student passed away after drowning at Aero Beach casting a dark picture on Uganda’s top and oldest institution of learning.

Although Emmanuel’s death has been associated with use of illicit drugs emanating from misunderstanding with his family members, it has emerged the deceased was having severe psychological problems that could have given him depression.

The messages on his Facebook wall leading up to his demise point to possible depression.

On August 19th, Emmanuel contemplated joining the Ugandan army (UPDF) which was quite surprising considering that was around the time University’s academic year begins.

A day later the deceased posted a message that could justify the assertion he was having problems with his family. The post read, “It tk me so long t believ tht sincerly parents cn disown their children,” meaning he could have been having problems with his parents.

The suicide note he left behind gave similar messages. “Dad always wonders; we grew up without having a close relationship. Its true I have wronged you in some aspects but it’s also true you and I did share our relationship to the required maximum,” it read in part before adding messages for his siblings.

The Suicide Note He Left Behind

In September, it seems his problems were taking a toll on him because it appeared he was stressed by the environment around him. Living Under Depression & Frustration will nt solve anytin bt believin in ur self & knowin wht u a chasing is th way 2 GO!!!” according to a September 10th message he wrote.

Two days later, the deceased posted a message that can be described as a clear pointer of what he intended to do although he disguised the message and no one among his friends on the network bothered to respond, something that has caused regret.

Emmanuel wrote, “Sh’d it b OK 4 sm1 2 comit suicide if he’s so much overpowered by PROB’s?If nt wht shd such a person do?my friend is in danger,HELP!!!”

In this, he seemed to be asking a question under the guise of someone else yet as it turns out he was seeking help from his colleagues about the agony he was experiencing and unfortunately for him only two people responded to his query.

His last Facebook post was a prediction of how Sean Paul’s concert was to be a flop due to the day’s weather on Friday night.

At about 10pm on Sunday night, 23year old Emmanuel Kagyina could not cope with the overwhelming psychological anguish and decided to end his life.

Police is investigating the case and has registered the suicide it under reference number SD: 39/1/11/2012 at Wandegeya Police Station.


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24 thoughts on “Mak Suicide Boy: The Inside Story

  1. RIP, bambe.

    Parents should spare time and listen to the problems that bother their sons and daughters-period!

    Busy making money all the time!!!Come on, all of you learn from this as Ema goes as a sacrifice.

  2. R.I.P MA DIA swtie frnd u wd hve nt done dis plz u had another option ov building up yo life. face bookers plz lets take sme wall posts ov our frnds serious if u n i had commented, gven hm some advice may be he wd hve changed hs mind plz lets take note ov such posts. i feel guilty seriously 4 nt helping evn wen he had asked. RIP. DIA

  3. Let us be more closer to our children as friends rather than kids. This boy was crying for help and no body heard him. Let him rest in peace.

  4. Emmanuel my God rest you in peace, i want to inform those who are going to read this comment that i was in the same situation Emmanuel was but i want to promise all of you that i didn’t allow the devil to control me. I prayed to Allah(God) every second and i didnt allow this world to take me. Allah gave me strength and i managed to leave Uganda at an early age and i managed to settle in the USA with the help of my friends. When i reached here i went back to school and i studied counseling and psychotherapy in order to know more about people who are in problems or to help people who have given up in their life. Emmanuel let you be the last young person to die like this, it’s our duty we who have been into this to help others in need.

  5. So sad that a young life was lost like so.
    May the Almighty forgive him for that act and rest his soul in eternal peace.

  6. May Jah protect his soul but am so disappointed with his close friends and facebook followers because his life depended on them. Now their inability to advise him genuinely caused a tragedy. However, this goes to all children out there, the message to you is Jah does not permit anyone to self terminate, or to terminate any body. We all live in difficulty and it is up to the almighty Jah the most high to bless us hence archive our goals in future. You will never live in righteousness and Jah forgets you, never! so keep that in mind.

    The world needs our input but Africa loves and needs us more. Rob Prophet says keep the fires burning, stay alive all the time the most high his majesty will never forsaken us. I love you all and may peace be with you and your families.

  7. pliz..evryone out there,don’t give up with ur life…hard times get good,good times get hard and then better eventually..pliz just pray and hold on tight..n if u r a parent,Act like it…may emmanuel kagyina’s soul rest in peace…

    1. Let’s not blame the parents. They also have a life to live. The guy was above 18 and able to make choice between good and bad. He should have developed his own coping mechanisims. He chose to committ suicide. Let’s respect his decision and move on. He has left alot of anguish and pain to his parents. None of the parents tell their adult children to mess up. The youth must learn that after sometime they have to manage their lives and the future. There is no hardship that should lead someone to commit suicide, otherwise our brothers and sisters who suffered for a long time under the suffering brought by the Kony War, that had lost all hope, wouldnt be alive today. Young people, please use this to reevaluate your lives.

  8. it sad and sorrows 4 death of our brothers but parents *100….. pliz take care of your chln rather than running of b’ness yo the one who brings all this staffs all of us we are in the same situation but God is there 2 guid us in evry sutuation may yo soul RIP

  9. This person was no longer a kid. What everyone must understand is that life and challenges are not mutually exclusive-they move together. If anyone there thinks he is going to live a life without challenges then they wish to live a terribly boring life. That type of life ended with Adam even before Eve was created. You must look at challenges as opportunities, like in his case like am sure many students find themselves in the same situation, you must look at it as an opportunity to build your own independence.

  10. This might not a good message in the eyes of many but its God who give and its Him who should take it away. So brothers ans sisters, lets have that respect and forget the earthly happiness. God himself knows what it takes for everyone to be happy after this short life on earth here. Give him chance, so many people don’t even get a chance of getting closer to the level or places that some others get to but at the end of the day we should appreciate and look at God for everyday air we breathe until he says its over.

    Be sure if you take away your life, then that has nothing to do with God and every prayer or wish for that people to rest in eternity is a waste but instead we should encourage the living to stay away from the same route as it only widens a way to hell. Am very sorry but its true.

  11. RIP emma

    Dear parents,You must spare time and be close to your children,the devil is always ready to be an alternative if the opportunity strikes,

    As parents you must have a spirit of unity by Sharing information,praying together and once in a while encourage open discussions

    As a parent you can create a scenario that can be used to fully understand your children in terms of their social ,political intellect and you be able to make an informed decision.

  12. So sad to have lost a very young blood like him,so, this is a caution to parents to always reserve time for thier families.

    1. In the last two and 1/2 years i have been @ Gulu university…3 suicide cases have occurred and two were as a result of family problems..Pse parents being above 18 yrs or being a campuser doesnt mean u stopping interacting with us!!!!!!!!! Mutuyaambe twaafa twaahwaho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I think as young people we should have a purpose and basis why you live your life have a philosophy draw strength and inspiration from a higher being and don’t depend on other people to dictate ur life!

  14. RIP young man! but know that you had options. There is nothing worth taking your life over. There is so much a parent can do. My heart goes out to the mom and dad who are now gonna live with the guilt that they were somehow inadequate. Well, the young man was at university. I am not sure if the university has a counseling center but every hall of residence needs to have a counselor or a team of students that help spot and assist depressed students. It’s unfortunate that he took his own life in Mary Stuart Hall. I hope the young lady he was visiting can get over the guilt as well. Let’s pray for his soul and for his parents and siblings. May the Almighty God carry you all through this tragedy.

  15. In a song by a Kiweewa, a local musician, he says that once you have 32 teeth you have grown (i.e. thus an adult), so if a 23 year old commits suicide we mus respect his/her deceased’s choice and beg God/Allah to allow his/her soul to RIP! There are many youths born to the poor peasants of this nation who persevere and go on to achieve great things. In this world, it is now Survival for the fittest – weaklings will be weeded out by nature.

  16. That is why I hate Facebook. It’s predomintaed by selfish, insensitive, shallow,vain people who probably do not have a true friend in real life. As this tragedy bears out.

    Wonder how many facebook “friends” this poor soul had?

    And I ain’t suicidal, so don’t pretend to care now and write back offering me a shoulder.(Mpozi a leg! or two. Coz friendship and legs need no correlation).

    Shame on you, his facebook “friends”!

    And thank God for my few, but real friends. Ask yo’self: d’you really need the extra baggage social networks like fb create in yo life. LinkedIn kaleko. It’s business.

  17. May his soul rest in peace! Pse dads, treat your children well especially when you get involved with other women and start treating your old children with contept.See what has happened! The dad must have neglected him not caring for his requirements thus pushing him into depression. God help us and you women check yourselves when you find children with their dads and separate them.

  18. suicide is not a solution but a disgrace. it can be a solution in the military if there is no any other immediate way out if surrendering can endanger him/her or his /her combat group.

  19. Don’t assume that parents are all to blame-hell no!!! There are cases where parents try their best to bring such children closer to them, and offer help to them once they know it is a drug addiction problem. However, such children themselves rebel and reject the parents, and say they need to live their lives. Parents end up also getting mentally and psychologically sick because of this agony and all these children do is to stubbornly refuse the help!!!! Believe me, no parent sits back when s/he knows the child, regardless of age is going through this. For heaven’s sake, stop blaming Emmanuel’s parents. If you read the story properly, it is apparent that Emanuel had been helped even by the uncle but he told him off-and chose to live the life. Many of you making these accusations have no idea at all!!!!!!!!!!! May his soul rest in eternal peace, Amen

  20. It’s indeed a pity losing such young fellow..Indeed its very disheartening..When I saw his facebook post calling upon help, I was nearer to tears than laughters..I wished I had known him and that he was my friend. My instinct tells me he would not have committed suicide had he been my friend, even merely on facebook. I felt guilty as though I had once known him..I beleive nomatter what one goes through, it takes time to heal and such depressing moments always come to an end.
    So just incase anyone is experiencing hell on earth, I am always there ready to give a shoulder nomatter what. May his soull rest in eternal peace and may God forgive his soul for that..

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