Man Beheaded On New Year’s Day


A man fighting to save his goat from thieves has been beheaded in Luweero district. The incident occurred today at around 1am.
The man has been identified as Fred Musisi (55), a resident of Bukuma in Luweero sub county.

Ben Kiwanuka, the Luweero Crime Intelligence Officer (CIO), confirms the incident.

Kiwanuka says the incident was brought to their attention by the deceased’s 20-year-old son Moses Sendege who reported to Luweero Central Police Station at 2am.

Kiwanuka says that as residents thronged the streets to countdown to 2015, several gangs of thieves took the opportunity to break into deserted houses.

However, the thieves were spotted by Musisi and some family members trying to make off with their goat.

Musisi decided to pursue the four thieves with a torch. Musisi is said to have wrestled with the thieves for the goat. The thieves then hacked at him with a machete, beheading him.

The thieves dumped Musisi’s body alongside the Bukuma-Luweero road.

Kiwanuka says police have already arrested one person who was found trying to sell a goat he could not prove belonged to him. The suspect has been identified as Denis Lumu. He was trying to sell the goat this morning at Kasiiso.

Kiwanuka says police have started investigations into this killing, possibly the first of the new year 2015.

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