Man Dies In Drinking Competition, 2 Police Officers Held


Two police officers are in detention in Kanungu District on charges of conspiracy to commit crime.

Those arrested are Corporal Arinaitwe Nelson 36, and Constable Alaza Wycliffe who is aged 32.

The duo is attached to Kanungu central Police station.

The two officers are said to have participated in the Waragi locally known as Enguuli drinking competition on September 27 which later resulted into the death of one person.

The deceased has been identified as Frank Kambarekye alias Kashani of Burondo cell, Southern Ward in Kanungu Town council.

According to Police, the drinking competition involved a group of six people five of whom were also hospitalized.

Kigezi regional police spokesperson Elly Maate said that a group of six were drinking at place known as Odira’s bar when one of the locals identified as Kesherura offered to sponsor the competition.

He told revelers that a big prize would be given to whoever drank seven glasses of waragi faster than others. Waragi is locally made potent drink.

Six people participated in the competition including the two police men. By the time police administration learnt of it, the participants were all badly off and were rushed to Katete Health Centre Four from where Kambarekye died.

The Police officers were arrested yesterday on Sunday when their health improved and are being held at Kanungu Police station.

Maate said that the Police officers are facing charges of conspiring with others to do an unlawful act yet they are tasked with the responsibility of Keeping law and order.

Maate further said that others who were involved in the competition and whose identities were not availed escaped from the health facility after regaining consciousness.

Cases of police officers being implicated in unlawful acts are common in the Kigezi sub region.

On September 26, a police officer was arrested for impersonation. Ronald Mutunzi, an officer attached Kanungu district Police headquarters was masquerading as a detective inspector of Police. At the time of his arrest Mutunzi was working as the officer in charge of criminal investigations department in Kanungu district.

Another police officer, Constable Gerverse Twesigye was arrested after stealing exhibits from a police post. Twesigye was attached to Bugongi police post in Northern Division Kabale Municipality.

He had allegedly taken away exhibits which included a mattress that had been stolen from a teacher at Bugongi Primary school. He reportedly took the items to his own apartment before claiming that the exhibits had been stolen

In June 2012 another officer Joseph Segujja, who was working as a dog handler attached to Kigezi regional Police headquarters, was arrested for allegedly stealing a German shepherd dog. Segujja was accused of stealing the dog belonging to Januario Bagamuhunda, the Kabale district Engineer.

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