Marriage and Divorce Bill: Gov’t Set to Rename Bill

Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga
Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga

Government is building consensus to rename the marriage and divorce bill 2009. The name of the bill has already attracted angry reactions from some sections of the public such as religious bodies that preach against divorce.

Mary Karoro Okurut, the minister of Information and national guidance says that should the name remain as it is, it will appear as if government is encouraging divorce. Okurut says government wants to send a positive message since the bill touches on traditional beliefs that society holds dear.

She emphasized the need for more consultation regarding the Bill. Members of Parliament have been given a two week recess to consult their constituents on the controversial clauses in the bill such as those on property sharing and cohabitation among others. A change of name would be welcomed by Religious leaders who in the past suggested that the Bill be called the marriage relations Bill and not Marriage and Divorce Bill.  This is because the Church does not recognize divorce.

However, Miria Matembe, a woman activist says the religious leaders have failed on their part to promote morality in the society and should mobilise people and wed them.

The Divorce and Marriage bill seeks to ban widow inheritance and allows women to divorce their husbands when they are permanently impotent.

The bill also provides for sexual perversion, cruelty, desertion, change of religion, sodomy, bestiality, homosexuality and pornography as grounds for divorce.

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9 thoughts on “Marriage and Divorce Bill: Gov’t Set to Rename Bill

  1. We don’t expect more or less from women “human rights activists”.
    It’s not a surprise that these women support this bill because Naturally
    most African women crave to manipulate and control their husbands the way European women do. The good enduring History
    & Identity of the God-loving Ugandan culture must be preserved.
    The President has already given guidance on this bill..and every brave
    father & husband in Uganda has agreed with his guidance. He has foreseen that over-emphasizing/exaggerating women’s “democratic values” is the greatest destroyer of a nations’ morals.This is a mistake that Europe has always regretted and still regretting. This bill
    in its current form seeks to destroy the entire Ugandan family structure
    and replace it with a “Modern so-called enlightened” structure
    that has failed in Europe & North America.

  2. Except for medical conditions, marriage is out of love and should lead to procreation. The children’s rights should be included in this bill as well.

  3. the Bill is a big joke, let the Govt concentrate on improving livelihood and leave marriage issues to Church and Cultural institutions ……

  4. let us bonk for free without any bills. now-days am even scared of having sex because of the bill

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