MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE BILL: Bukomansimbi Residents Say it is Silent on Children


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Residents of Bukomansimbi have asked parliament to trash the Marriage and Divorce bill 2009 saying it is poisonous because it is silent on children. This was said by residents during a consultative meeting on the bill convened by Susan Namaganda, the Bukomansimbi district Woman MP at Kiganganzi trading center in Bigasa Sub County.

Joseph Kakooza, a resident of Bisaga Sub County says he wants Parliament to drop the bill and stay the status quo saying it is not only intended to break marriages, but it gives women more powers.
Kakooza, who is in a polygamous marriage despite the fact that he is a catholic, says the bill favors women and is silent on children. He says the clauses in the bill will led to insecurity in marriage.

Sylvia Molly Kasibante, a mother of one says she is still disturbed by the clause on marital rape. She says that although rape in marriage is real, most women find it hard to drag the men they love to court.
Zaidi Ssentongo, a resident of Mbirizi village in Bigasa Sub County wants Government to outlaw the existing marriages before approving a new law. He argues that since the majority of couples married under the old law, the new law will not apply on them.


He also says that since the bill mandates women to sue for marital rape, parliament should also put a close in the bill that allows men to sue their spouses who deny them sex. Susan Namaganda says that she has embarked on writing her report adding that, her voters have unanimously rejected the bill.

She says that the clause that seeks to empower women to sue for marital rape is unnatural because men are sexually more active compared their female counterparts.

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