Mayiga Vows to Fight the Proposed Land Law

Mayiga Vows to Fight the Proposed Land Law

By Serestino Tusingwire

The Buganda premier Charles Peter Mayiga has vowed to oppose the new proposed Land law that seeks to provide for compulsory acquisition of land for government development projects, warning that it’s a ploy to grab people’s land.

“As Buganda Kingdom, we shall not allow any law on land that seeks to grab land from Kabaka’s subjects and undermine Kabaka’s authority over land. The government should stop provoking us,” Mayiga told the Lukiiko (Buganda parliament) on Monday.

The proposed land law seeks to give government full powers to takeover private land for government projects before reaching consensus with the land owners.

According to Lands minister Betty Amongi, the government will soon bring to Parliament an amendment to the Land Act (1998), which will ease government takeover of private land for national development projects such as roads and other infrastructure.

It was proposed during the NRM caucus meeting of July, but it has since sparked public outrage with a section of Ugandans accusing government of trying to grab their land.

Critiques argue that the amendments, if passed by Parliament, will leave Ugandans at the mercy of losing out their land to corrupt government officials without being compensated.

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