MC Kats Begs Sangomas for wedding money

MC Kats with is girlfriend, Fille Mutoni

Edwin Katamba well known as MC Kats could be one of the best emcees in the city but that doesn’t mean he has a stable financial status.

MC Kats with is girlfriend, Fille Mutoni
MC Kats with is girlfriend, Fille Mutoni

On Friday night, while emceeing the ripped jeans party, Kats was overwhelmed and excited when the Rich gang members Ivan Ssemwanga, King Lawrence and Ed Cheune made way into the club.

Upon seeing how they were dishing out dimes, Kats was quick to lay his problems bare to the group, claiming introduction and wedding money is on his neck.

When asked how much he needs, the shortest emcee told the group that needed over 30M in total, for which he was told to claim from Serena hotel.

This evidently weakened Kats who was expecting to be given dime on spot, forcing him to urge journalists to record and note the promise.

“Lawrence if you lie to me, just know am coming for you with these journalists” Kats said.

It was after this incident, that the rich gang fled the club after disorganizing the ripped jeans party originally organized by Ashburg Katto.

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