Medical Workers Petition Parliament over welfare

Medical Workers Petition Parliament over Salary Increment

A group of medical workers under their umbrella organization, Uganda Medical Association (UMA) have today petitioned parliament to increase their salary, lunch and housing welfare.

The group led by Dr Fred Bisso-UMA president, today stormed the Speaker’s office to express their dissatisfaction on the way they are being treated by the government.

Dr Bisso told Kadaga (speaker) that a medical consultant in Uganda earns just 66,000 monthly lunch allowance, a fee that even a cart-pusher cannot allow as his monthly lunch allowance.

Among other issues Dr. Bisso presented to the speaker is concern of the general shortage of specialized medics due to brain drain, and asked for its immediate rectification for the welfare of the health sector.

The medics were not afraid to tell the speaker that sometimes they are forced to delegate work to junior medical workers due to poor motivation, a thing that may not be heard well in ears of patients and Ugandans at large.

The speaker however promised them that their issues are going to be presented to parliament to be looked into and hope for a positive response.

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