Michael Ezra Now Living Simple Life

Micheal Ezra

Looks like the days of Michael Ezra’s big spending are over.

Micheal Ezra
Micheal Ezra

Snoops have established that Ezra is back in Uganda and living a simple life. These days he spends most of his time at Nakasero posh hangout Emin Pasha. It is said Ezra is so broke that management has offered him two flasks of cappuccino (tea) everyday.

Ezra has even disclosed to pals that life is like a flower and we only live once.

He is quoted: “That was my time but who knows I may be back one day.”

Mike Ezra was earlier this year acquitted of fraud charges in Nairobi Kenya.

He is mainly remembered for his golden days of huge spending.

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3 thoughts on “Michael Ezra Now Living Simple Life

  1. poor planing Ezra, instead of splashing money around, you should have invested it wisely am rooting for you to come back coz am sure you have learned a lesson. good luck!!

  2. You see it is bad to become over excited with money! The man who used to issue open cheques is so broke in less than 10 years? Guys you must learn and plan to be wealthy for several generations. This rural excitement that I see Uganda’s socialites displaying through thrift spending is dangerous. Wish you well boy. Hope next time you get money you will do the right thing.

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