Uganda Is Not A US Puppet In Somalia – Opondo

Uganda government spokesman Ofwono Opondo.

The government of Uganda has dismissed allegations by one of the country’s Lawmakers,  Ibrahim Semujju Nganda that it’s army is in Somalia serving US interests.

Uganda government spokesman Ofwono Opondo
Uganda government spokesman Ofwono Opondo

Government Spokesman Ofwono Opondo made this revelation in response to the opposition Forum for Democratic Change legislator who appeared to suggest that Uganda was playing US puppet in Somalia. It is not clear whether Semujju suggested the above.

“Government rejects accusations by FDC MP Semujju Nganda that UPDF in Somalia is a mercenary serving US interests.” Ofwono said on Friday via his twitter handle @OfwonoOpondo.

He reitarated that the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) are in Somalia rightly under the African Mission In Somalia (AMISOM) with United Nations Security Council approval.

He added that Uganda is in Somalia to fight terrorism that had spread in this region. “Success is at hand we should not let up.” Ofwono urged.

AMISOM was created by the African Union’s Peace and Security Council on 19 January 2007 with an initial six-month mandate.On 21 February 2007 the United Nations Security Council approved the mission’s mandate. Uganda deployed it’s troops in 2007, a move that drew criticisms from opposition politicians in the country.

Uganda is the biggest contributor to the AU force of about 18,000.

The force, funded mainly by the United Nations (UN) and European Union (EU) is fighting the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab group in Somalia.

UPDF soldiers in Somalia
UPDF soldiers in Somalia

The militants claimed responsibility for the attack on an upscale shopping mall in Kenya’s capital Nairobi last weekend.

In 2010, the group claimed it carried out twin bomb attacks that killed at least 74 people in Kampala in response to Uganda sending her troops to Somalia.

Ofwono wondered whether Semujju Nganda was an al shabab mouthpiece “We ask if FDC MP Semujju Nganda is a spokesperson of Al-shabaab.”

A screen shot showing Opondo's tweets.
A screen shot showing Opondo’s tweets.

The government spokesman urged Ugandans to be vigilant and report any suspected terror cell to police.

In 1993, the US was dealt a devastating defeat when Somali warlords killed close to 20 of its forces including elite US Army Ranger units.

Some political pundits believe the US has for long been interested in controlling the horn of Africa nation.

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  1. Ever heard of Americans out sourcing the terrorism war? It’s actually common knowledge that Uganda is fighting American war. Everybody here in the western world is quite aware of that fact and so the Opondos should not take Ugandans for stupid.

  2. Opondo should should go back to school to understand more about the meaning of pappetism in order to know very well that Uganda is fighting American War in Somalia.
    True Somalise did chess the Americans in their country early in 1994 and since then have shown little interest in attempting to invade Somalia save to Use Uganda as its pappet to fight the War which does not belong to Uganda.

  3. Opondo, unless you`ve been living under a rock for the last 8 years, you should not expose your ignorance in print

  4. Opondo,remember, not even a doubly blind man will fail to recognise you when judgement day comes. Ask yourself; would Uganda be anywhere near Somalia if billions of dollars was not being dangled before Museveni and his families eyes?

  5. Andrew, I hope you and Semujju are appreciative of the activities of Al-shabaab. Therefore our presence in Somalia is agonising you. I believe you can house the anti-Americans. What a pity!

  6. Joke, Africa can not deal with it’s own problems, Colonial legacy still going on, Divide and Rule, War as a weapon

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