Middle East Consultants Limited Extends Labour Market to Saudi Arabia

Middle East Consultants Limited Extends Labour Market to Saudi Arabia

By Serestino Tusingwire

Middle East Consultants Limited has extended its labour market to Asian continent particularly in Saudi Arabia.

On Tuesday January 18, Middle East consultants sent over 50 males to work for Kentucky Fried Chicken under McDonald group of Companies.

McDonald is an international business company that runs a collection of luxury hotels, resorts and spa hotels in U.S and Asia.

According to the managing director Gordon Mugyenyi, the 50 boys who were sent on Tuesday are the pioneers from Uganda to this company, and it’s from them that the bosses will determine whether to require more Ugandan workers or not.

“The MacDonald Company has over 5000 job offers for us, the first bunch we have sent today will have to work and convince the bosses that Ugandans are capable, and we shall be sending other bunches periodically.” Mugyenyi said.

He noted that this Macdonald Company is only interested in males who shall work as cooks, restaurant attendants, receptionists and waiters.

It is the first time Middle East taking workers to Saudi Arabia, though they have taken a number of them to other countries like Qatar, Abudhabi, Dubai and many others in the middle east.

Mugyenyi said that though McDonald is not taking ladies, the company still has many offers for ladies to work as security guards, drivers, receptionists and maids in United Arab Emirates.

Mugyenyi clarified that Middle East Consultants is a certified company and is trusted by many Ugandans since it has taken many of them and they have become successful in life.

He however warned human traffickers who take Ugandans and fail to get them jobs as promised to stop the vice, because if these people meet challenges, they send a bad picture to even legal and clean companies like Middle East.

He urged Ugandans always avoid being taken by human traffickers through the border yet they can use Middle East Consultants and archive more goals than they crave for.

Emphasizing the transparency issue, Mugyenyi said, “Before they travel however, the parents of these people must sign consent so that the parent knows how much his/her daughter or son is going to; earn, work from and the conditions she/he will be working under and the office that has taken him/her.”

Middle East still ensures safety of these workers even when they go abroad.

On this matter, Mugyenyi noted that, “When they start work, I personally visit them on a quarterly basis to ensure that they are working as per the contract signed. If they are facing any challenges, they tell me and we resolve it with the employers immediately.”

Meanwhile, the company conducts interviews almost every day and the successful people are taken to work abroad for big monies. News reaching our desk indicate that today, Middle East Consultants have sent 60 people to work as security guards in Qatar, and on Saturday, another bunch of 60 will also be leaving the country.

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