Middle East Consultants To Recruit 300 Drivers For UAE

Middle East Consultants To Recruit 300 Drivers For UAE

By John Nanyumba

The Middle East Consultants Limited has offered to recruit 300 Ugandans to work as taxi and Bus drivers in the United Arab Emirates.

According to the company managing director, Gordon Mugyenyi, all is set for these Ugandans to go for interviews slated to take place on 8th January this Sunday at the Company’s head offices in Muyenga.

“So far we are looking for 300 taxi Drivers to go and work in Abu-Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and males only between the ages of 22-40 are encouraged to come as long as they possess the basic requirements,” said Mugyenyi.

Most interestingly, Mugyenyi said that the salary for this offer stands at shillings Ugx3M per month.

“This comes with other benefits like free meals, free medical insurance, and free air ticket after contract expiration, free accommodation and no domestic driving license required among others’’. He noted adding that currently the demand for Ugandans to work in the UAE has since shot high since his company’s standing orders require him to recruit over 3000 Ugandans before end of this year for various jobs in different countries in the Middle East.

According to Mugyenyi , the 3000 workers who include customer care staff ,loading and offloading staff under Qatar Airlines in Qatar, Security guards ,Sales ladies, General cleaners etc will be in addition to the over 5642 Ugandans that the company has so far sent to Middle East countries for juicy jobs and the fruits are visible

Asked to instill confidence in the public about the alleged torture reports in the media in the recent past, Mugyenyi noted that, “First, someone has to come to our offices for more information. After getting convinced, he/she then registers, submits academic documents before they go for medical checkup for HIV, hepatitis, T.B and pregnancy. Every person who registers must be having a passport.”

He added that, “After all this, we now prepare the successful people for the interviews. Normally, the human resource managers or even the managing directors of the very companies these Ugandans are going to work for physically come at Middle East and conduct the face-face interviews.”

He then said that immediately after the interviews, the successful persons sign their work contracts. They are first given the contract documents, read through and when they feel they are satisfied they then go ahead to sign.

“No one is forced to sign a contract for work he/she does not want. And even after signing, if someone changes his/her mind while still at our offices, we still respect their decision. The person remains with a copy of the signed contract letter and remains with it throughout the entire contract period,” Mugyenyi emphasized.

He revealed that after signing the contract, it then takes about two-three weeks before the visa come in and the then go for work.

Emphasizing the transparency issue, he added that, “Before they travel however, the parents of these people must sign a consent so that the parent knows how much his/her daughter or son is going to; earn, work from and the conditions she/he will be working under and the office that has taken him/her.”

Middle East still ensures safety of these worker even when they go abroad.

On this matter, Mugyenyi noted that, “When they start work, I personally visit them on a quarterly basis to ensure that they are working as per the contract signed. If they are facing any challenges, they tell me and we resolve it with the employers immediately.”

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