Come as Tourists! Minister Cheptoris Flogs Opposition in Sebei, Calls for Addressing Resettlement Issues

Minister of Water and Environment, Sam Cheptoris

MP Kapchorwa County Sam Cheptoris Speaks to the Press on Friday

Kapchorwa – The Minister of Water and Environment, Sam Cheptoris has dismissed claims that opposition will tamper with NRM’s support in the Sebei Region as they welcomed NRM Party Presidential Candidate Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

While addressing the media in Kapchorwa on Friday, Hon. Cheptoris, who is also Area Member of Parliament, revealed that the people of Sebei were grateful for the infrastructural development, peace and security.

“We are extremely grateful to Museveni for the Kaseren-Kapchorwa road that has been resealed; Sebei Industrial Hub in Chepsukunya in Kween that is provide jobs to the youths; the Teryet High Altitude training center, among others,” said Cheptoris reaffirm Sebei’s support for Museveni and NRM.

The government has since established the gravity irrigation schemes in Bukwo, Binyiny, Sipi and Ngenge (close to completion) to boost the agricultural potential of the Sebei region home to over 540,000 people occupying an area of 1,730.9 square km in the districts of Bukwo, Kapchorwa and Kween.

The Kapchorwa Municipality MP also slammed the Opposition and asserted that they are welcome to tour the great Sebei region.

“We have natural resources, falls, national parks, among others. We welcome the opposition leaders to tour the area as tourists because Sebei is for NRM,” said Cheptoris sending the reporter into laughter.

The people of Sebei thanked the government for granting Sebei more constituencies (Soi and Too Counties) providing an avenue for the people of these areas to be heard.

Tasked to explain some of the challenges that continue to affect the region, Hon Cheptoris revealed that land issues hailing from the unclear demarcation of the Mount Elgon National Park and the resettlement of the IDPs.

“Demarcation issues over the boundaries of Mt Elgon National Park has left some people displace, notably the Ndorobo as Uganda Wildlife Authority strives to protect the gazette area. We urge the President Museveni to resolve the matter at hand,” said Cheptoris.

The question of resettlement has dragged on for so long. I am aware the office of the Prime Minister and Ministry of Lands is handling the matter. The people of Sebei has asked the matter be expedited,” added Hon. Cheptoris.

Other notable challenges include; compensation and restocking of the cattle lost in insurgencies to the cattle rustlers, resettlement of the IDP, among other minor issues.

“Like His Excellency promised to compensate the people of Teso and North for cattle lost, the people of Sebei were also affected by these activities and sough to be considered,” Hon. Cheptoris said.

The Water and Environment Minister, on behalf of the people of Sebei, equally asked the President (candidate Museveni) to expedite the construction of the Chepsukunya – Bukwo road that is often affected by the rains thus becoming impassable.
In the last presidential elections, Sebei region exhibited its stand by voting 90percent positing itself as a National Resistance Movement (NRM) stronghold.

NRM Vice-chairperson Eastern Region, Capt. Mike Mukula challenged party leaders of Sebei to continue the good work as the garner the masses behind Museveni as a great leaders and pan Africanist that will deliver the development and ensure a stable Uganda.

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