Miss Tourism organizer Emily parades Thighs

Emily paradimng her thighs


Guests at the recently concluded Miss Uganda Kigezi beauty pageant are said to have enjoyed more than they paid for courtesy of one of the organizers Emily Claire Twongyeire’s generous display of her goodies.

Emily paradimng her thighs
Emily paradimng her thighs

Eyewitnesses reveal that Emily left many male revelers salivating like a hyenas as she occasionally flashed her brown thighs for all to see.

Clad in a blue dress, Emily was snapped with her legs exposing the fleshy looking thighs as several dudes were seen lustfully staring wishing they could get a piece of her.

“I wish she was mine!! I would make sure that I thoroughly enjoy the view of those thighs every day,” one of the horny dudes was overheard wishing.

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  1. What do you mean with Brown thighs? Are they the only ones you are attracted too or should we with black thighs feel unattractive? Gear

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