Mps To Attend Ipad Training Sessions

MP Elijah Okupa using is new IPAD.

Legislators of the 9th parliament are set to undergo training in the IT department in an effort to ease applications on their newly acquired ipads.

MP Elijah Okupa using is new IPAD.
MP Elijah Okupa using is new IPAD.

It has been revealed that most of the MPs do not know how to use the ipads.

The 9th parliament is the first beneficiary of the E-governance system that was launched in 2012.

The issuing of ipads to the legislators will now save parliament from spending over 45million shillings in buying stationery.

The cost of the ipads has been estimated at 375,616 dollars (Shs937.5m)

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4 thoughts on “Mps To Attend Ipad Training Sessions

  1. How much has been saved,surely? Why impose stuff on the MPs which they have no idea about? I knew they had no idea on how to use the iPads,more money to be wasted on training them……………..the government of Uganda at its best.

  2. For a while I was misled into thinking that Kadaga was set apart. She is just like the government she works with. Wasteful, inconsiderate of tax payers and aloof.

  3. This is the Biggest Laugh that our Legislators are supposed to be learned have to be trained , and the spending this done by the very Parliament which has been questioning Government on spending , it is a shame on the Twin Standards , Citizens wake up ask questions and demand for your services not Ipads

  4. OMG…… its really a big shame, what? mps don’t know how to use ipads? there’s nothing special on ipads i beg… ipads are used just like the way someone can use phone, laptop period. there’s nothing like for mps to go for some IT lessons.. style up you cheap mps and stop ashaming ugandans at large… thieves wasting tax money en so on.

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