MPs Want Sudanese Expelled From Uganda

Budadiri West Member of Parliament Nathan Nandala Mafabi

Ugandan Members of Parliament (MPs) have demanded that the government expels all Sudanese nationals residing in the country in response to the expulsion of Ugandan traders in South Sudan.

The call follows a decree that was issued by the South Sudan Internal Affairs Minister that no foreigners should be allowed to engage in  motorcycle commonly known as boda bodas and taxi business.

Nandala Mafabi, MP Budadiri West wondered why the government had passed a budget to build a market in South Sudan.
Nandala Mafabi, MP Budadiri West wondered why the government had passed a budget to build a market in South Sudan.

The MPs argue that the decree did not give Ugandans working in South Sudan enough time to make an orderly exit from the country.

Gilbert Oulanya, representing Amuru, rose on a matter of national importance and said that over 600 boda boda riders from Uganda were given only 48 hours to leave the Southern Sudan states of Jongolei and Central Equatorial.

He said that not only were the boda boda riders forced to leave hastily, they were further harassed when they reached Kamding town. He said all the documents that showed ownership of their motorcycles were confiscated from them by the Kamding police.

Ugandan Foreign Affairs minister Sam Kutesa attempted to calm the MPs by explaining that the matter was raised before President Yoweri Museveni.

Kutesa told the MPs that President Museveni then called his counterpart South Sudan President Salva Kiir who ordered that the harassment stop.

But MP Regan Okumu, representing Aswa County in Gulu, congratulated the South Sudan government for refusing to let foreigners take over all the jobs in their country.

Leader of the Opposition and Budadiri County West MP Nathan Nandala Mafabi wondered why the government had passed a budget to build a market in South Sudan.

He said that since it was obvious that the South Sudan government only wanted professionals from abroad, it was illogical the Ugandan government could waste money to build a market there.

He noted that Uganda should also cut off supply of food and other basic needs it provides to South Sudan.

MP Hassan Kaps Fungaroo reiterated the point that many returning boda boda riders claimed that they had lost a lot of property on the way back. He said some of them cited losing property to South Sudanese officials at Obangi before they could be allowed to cross over into Uganda.

He urged the Foreign Affairs ministry to follow up and compensation claims.

Kutesa than revealed to the House that he is slated to travel to South Sudan on 11th October for a two day trip and this matter is on the agenda.

He further revealed that he was already in talks with the Office of the Prime Minister to ensure an a smooth registration of the boda boda riders who have returned from South Sudan.

Speakerof Parliament Rebecca Kadaga noted that there are Ugandans who have been financially ruined in South Sudan saying that October is to far since some of these traders have a lot of money sitting in South Sudan.

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42 thoughts on “MPs Want Sudanese Expelled From Uganda

  1. Government has been non caring about Ugandans for so long and surely one wonders why we have such a people to lead us. people have suffered so much within Southsudan, many have lost lives to insulting animal like behavioured soutthern sudanese, so many have lost property and money at the hands of those ill mannared creatures, oh no they deserve no place in a modern and normal life.

    1. who took u there? don’t u go there by yourselves? So, come back if you are mistreated. Do other jobs leave boda boda. We always here you complaining about chines selling mandazi here, Sudanes also don’t want other people dealing in boda boda.

  2. Oh Uganda……Uganda will never learn anything from its past.I Agree with MPs suggestion this time.Sudanese leadership’s behavior is uncivilized. While the government of south Sudan has the right to sort out its migration issues, this should be done in an orderly manner. Many Ugandans have lost their lives, money and property.The government of Uganda has not cared to help these Ugandans . Uganda sacrificed much for South Sudan- Liberation,diplomatic support,provision of education to their children,hosting millions of the refugees etc. This is how Uganda is being paid back.
    Yes we need trade, but surely how do you build a market inside South Sudan. Why not build it in Uganda near the border say Atiak in Amuru ? Parliament should not pass that budget.
    I hear that South Sudan has applied to join East African Community. Uganda and other member countries should not support the application.South Sudan is still unstable and the leadership and its people are not ready and unfit to join the EAC.

      1. Bwana Deng, this positions seems to be yours alone. The EAC will benefit all and you know it….

        1. Besides they need to be inducted into the history of one of the oldest community of nations in the world. the world is nolonger a jungle.

        2. joining the EAC would cause economic problems to South Sudan more than those created by boda boda cyclists,rem what happened to Uganda in the earlier days of the EAC

        3. I am with Deng. South sudan is better off by herself. EAC is run by bad incluence like M7 and crimals like Uhuru and Ruto. M7 controls Uganda like his family and that is what we do not want. EAC is mainly Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda the cousins. M7 is breaking His own country apart e.g the northerners how can he advice people on such a big body. However, sudanese and Ugandans must remain one people. Let’s also leave matters to the experts to discuss and come up with best solutions. Start advicing your monopoly government.

          1. @oswaga:disqus Don’t be narrow-minded; M7, Uhuru or any of these leaders will not live forever but the countries will remain. You are wrong when you say South Sudan is better off by herself. First of all, the food you eat plus several other goods come from East Africa. Concerning criminals in government, South Sudan too has criminals, very dangerous! Those that are bold enough to wire over 7,000,000 dollars of public money to a relative!

      2. Mr Deng, that is a refugee mentality.Wake up, you are no longer in a refugee camp.You are in a country supposed to behave as a member of community of nations.The problem to your neighbors( Sudan ,Ethiopia,Kenya and DR.Congo) is that you have become a slow growing child in spite of good feeding ( International and Regional good will and oil resource).Where will you go next time your bigger brother in Khartoum chases you again. You are better safe with EAC. EAC does not need you more that you do. Style up, otherwise the region will ignore you once Khartoum picks its usual stick.

        1. @Frank. You were the one who suggested that S Sudan shouldn’t be allowed to join EAC. This is what you said
          “I hear that South Sudan has applied to join East African Community. Uganda and other member countries should not support the application.South Sudan is still unstable and the leadership and its people are not ready and unfit to join the EAC”

          Please be consistent. And I think we could all serve each other well here in this forum by debating ideas without resorting to insults.

  3. As a South Sudanese with a family in Uganda, I really deplore the turn of events both sides are taking on this issue. True, the order stopping all foreigners operating the Boda Boda business was issued by the Minister of Internal Affairs after several incidences of armed robbery and handbag snatching were reported, all involving Ugandan Boda Boda riders. This approach was to work on reducing the rising crime rate within South Sudan. Some wicked police men grabbed the chance and snatched bikes, even from homes of the Ugandans, until the Gov. had to firmly step in. No one was expelled. The MPs are really overreacting and breeding Xenophobia Ugandan populace. Still Tens of thousands of Ugandans continue to contribute positively to the construction of our nascent nation in NGOs, Government Consultants, Builders, Restaurant owners, traders.. the list goes on. The parliament should instead form a committee to see how best they can work with the South Sudanese authorities in ensuring the welfare of Ugandans in South Sudan is safeguarded from wicked policemen and soldiers. Long Live the UGandan South Sudan Relations. Viva Museveni.. Viva Kirr

    1. thank you, but its also not fair to blame one community for crimes in general. should we also blame them for the few crimes by a few southn sudanese?

    2. Dear Uganda ‘s MPs
      Please did U see any South Sudanese doing prostitution investments, working as chapati cook, riding boda bodas and etc in Uganda?

      South Sudanese goes their to require professionals and with full consent of the government of Uganda after fulfilling visas. Please mind your business somewhere else or discus about ur LRA.

  4. Dont sound like you are doing uganda a favour, there would be no south sudan if uganda didnt make severe sacrifices, uganda has fed you, clothed you, shelteres you, educated you, looked after you, at the expense of its citizens now you have some small freedom you feel ugandans are worthless. you have to do you homework and tell me how many south sudanese professional have studied in that jungle. ugandans are brave, intellegent, creative and enterprising people they proper every where they go… they have transformed the bush in sudan to what now you are proudly calling south sudan. be greatful because God leaves in Uganda and he cant leaves us. We will protect our brothers. atleast we dont treat you people like that in uganda, we are civilised we are beyond petty things. UGANDA WILL WIN AND YOU WILL COME TO US. WE WILL STILL ACCOMMODATE YOU.

    1. Tom!! any brave or intelligent person will never so like you, no offense please but just a simply question.. yes Uganda sacrificed a lot to South Sudan, appreciated but if i may ask, were these sacrifices given for free???? I lived in Uganda whole my life and i cant ever remember getting free food, cloths,etc from any Ugandan.

      1. i hope you were also able to pay for the hospitality of the ugandan you lived with or met? that’s intelligence

  5. All ugandans here seem to be misinformed about the decree issued. The decree has been issued to all foreigners not ugandans alone and only in the boda boda sector because many of these people have been involved in criminal activities as they pretend to be boda bodas. I am a south Sudanese and residing in juba. I even have Kenyas and ugandan workers whom i supervise. I even help them financially when they have urgent issues at their homes. So you must take these clear that boda bodas are the ones stopped from operating whether being ugandans, Kenyans, Somalian, and tens of other tribes in South Sudan. You ugandans also read in the newws about robberies and killings in kampala by ugandans who pretend to be boda bodas. Understand me clearly here instead of misinforming the whole citizens in Uganda. David K Lual you are at the point.

  6. now this takes it to a diplomatic level, our foreign affairs office should do it work, and come up with an arrangement to have all ugandan prisoners brought to serve their sentence in Ugandan prisons. there should also be reciprocal arrangements on doing business in each country to protect each others interest.

    1. But it is high time for the South Sudan government to encourage their citiznes to work and respect their jobs. Believe me those guys have no respect for life and are too careless and unproffesional. I was in South Sudan but it is hard for someone to hire a bodaboda riden by a South Sudan. ie they are ever very dirty, agressive when even talking to a client, dont bath, in sandale all the time, reckless on the road, speedy, un trained on how to use the bodaboda,etc. Yes i may to some extend agree that they take on the bodaboda business, but they need to style up! Gone are are the days taking the laws in their hands. Both presidents should look into this situation well.

    1. firstly, it’s tit for tat not tat for tat…and U call us illiterate, primitive population…
      secondly, U should know what U R wishing for, cos what U wish is What U begat.

      1. Lual Stop getting personal here. No one knows you. Whatever policy a country introduces should be put in place carefully without damaging the relationship with others. They would have informed embassies to sensitize their citizens on the new policy. Believe me or not, if this policy was put in place and embassies were given time to sensitize their people, no grudge would have developed. It will be therefore very hard for the S. Sudanese gov’t to explain to Ugandan to a point of understanding bearing in mind that we hosted them during their time of civil war and beyond.

  7. the problem is that uganda as a country values foreighners than the locals right from the top leaders ,, coz otherwise this matter couldnt be waited to be dealt with upto october,, what a shame

    1. Eh my good friend when did Uganda become a charity country? Everything South Sudanese is seen as dollars in Uganda and yes it is the dollar that attracted you and your food. You have the choice, keep your food and buy clothes without pockets unless you want to carry Matoke and fresh fish in those pockets.

  8. We need to understand few things before we judge the matter. There is different between South Sudanese living in Uganda and Ugandans living in South Sudan. South Sudanese living in Uganda are mostly students and patients who are there for their treatments processes. These South Sudanese living in Uganda bring income to Uganda, they received millions of dollars from western world and spend it all in Uganda. They rent big houses, spend lot of money for medical treatments, and spend more money in schools plus spends thousands of dollars on other business. So those South Sudanese in Uganda are mostly students and patients, who are there only as consumers than being business people, alike Ugandans in South Sudan.

    In the other hand, those Ugandans living in South Sudan are mostly business people and less consumers. They are more likely to make money than they likely to spend money. So South Sudan will not lose anything by expelling Ugandans from South Sudan. In contrast, the Uganda government may lose much income if they expel South Sudanese. We know that South Sudanese are the largest foreigners group living in Uganda, they bring hot currencies into Uganda.

    The decree also didn’t cite that all Ugandans have to leave South Sudan, but it says all foreigners who operate motorcycle as commercial’s vehicle should be band from operating in order to reduce crimes that are associate with motorcycles transportation business. Sometime, a motorcyclist may lose his motorcycle for a passenger he served or a passenger may lose his money because the motorcyclist have robbed her/him on gun point. Sometime the matter would be in its worst cases; murder, whether a passenger got shot to death or a owner of motorcycle is killed. Mostly, these crimes involve foreigners who are motorcycles owners. That complicates the investigation, because most foreigners who used motorcycle as a commercial vehicles, have no records and most people don’t know who they are. That will not help authorities to reach the criminals easily. Sometime, a crime is left unsolved. Therefore, in order to fight back against these everyday kinds of crimes, the government came up with a technique to reduced a crime that involve foreigners and motorcycle transportation business.

    Ugandans shouldn’t take it personally as it was directed to them only. This include all foreigners and may include South Sudanese very soon. The motorcycle is dangerous and easily can cause traffic accident. Motorcycles are not suitable vehicles to be used in transportation business. I hope our brother in Uganda would understand the matter wisely and don’t treated as political game that is placed by South Sudanese states’ governments targeting them alone.

    South Sudanese and Ugandans have a lot in common and share many things that are billions times greater than motorcycles transportation’s business. We have to take everything logically and treated in a mature way. We still have a lot between us and we need good relationship between us. South Sudanese know that they owe Ugandans huge amount of recognition, the Ugandans and the Uganda stood behind us when we are at war. Uganda attribute and generosity of Ugandans wouldn’t be pay back by allowing criminals to operate and crimes keep going in South Sudan. We South Sudanese also have a huge responsibilities to keep our Ugandans safe in South Sudan. It is unfortunate that the well educated politician can react negatively to simple things like these. We need wise leaders who would reduce our problems, not those who can fuel them, use them and drive the citizens of both countries against each other.

  9. I do not agree with expelling south sudanese simply because Ugandans are among those that were expelled from S.Sudan. However, I think we need to rethink our open investment policies and perhaps stop foreigners from all regions from getting involved in retail businesses in Uganda. Because they have better global networks they have better prices and as such put Ugandans out of business. That means we should have a limit as to how many Indians, Somalis, Kenyans, Rwandans, South Africans, Pakistanis are involved in retail businesses such as super markets, fuel stations, timber, cars, restaurants and the like. We need to have Ugandans in retail positions so as the money made in Uganda by Ugandans stays in Uganda. There is no point in making millions of dollars from Ugandans in Uganda and taking it to Somalia or Kenya or India. Such a policy would increase the amount of money in circulation and the increase the number of Ugandans joining the middle class. I have no problem with foreigners running industries, or wholesale but not retail.

  10. South sudan is not hell be informed you ignorant Ugandans. What do you think will happen to those SS in Kampala if the return to South Sudan? They will come back their money they are investing in your economy fools.

    1. Ooh Mangok!!! Im sure the only civilisation you boast of was acquired from Uganda. Im sure you went to Ugandan schools where U learnt and acquired some knowlwdge. I agree you have spent a lot of money on your education and survival in Uganda to avoid the gruesome life in SS otherwise you wouldnt be able to read and even respond to this discussion.As for investment I suggest you South Sudanese go back and invest in your young country. For Uganda we are comfortable with what we have and don’t need to be helped by the helpless!!!

  11. Fact is Ugandans think they are superior and civilised, they are so sectarian even among themselves. A particular tribe in Uganda you find even the one who can not speak a single English word imagining he or she is the most intelligent and civilised. Ugandans like quick money that is why you see them rushing to South Sudan as thieves, prostitutes and casual labourors. Fact is when you are in somebody’s home you have to behave well as a visitor otherwise measures will be taken to trim down your excess.

    On the side of South Sudan the country is lawless any person thinks he has the right to collect revenue from any foreigner as they please. For the young State law, order and Justice is not an issue but the settlement of somebody’s interest serves best.

    In few years to come South Sudan will be a country turned to dictatorial regime characterised by corruption just like corruption because looks like they are learning a lot from their once baby sitter Uganda.

    In few year with the influx of HIV positive Ugandan to South Sudan the disease will break up to an amazing state that no one one will comprehend. Watch the space!!

  12. Ok I was not aware of the whole situation but in every business the demand determines the supplies if the demand for transport alternatives like bodaboda is so great that these Ugandans are. Needed then it’s a fact my worry is Sudan is nt yet satble a lot of south Sudanese are still in neighboring countries ,two the economy is still very. Poor. Where by half all it’s food is fro Ug and Kenya if you kick out all these people in one night then all of a sudden a war for oil starts in south kudofan region Bashir still wants a share of the oil region he is not going to give up all that oil to south Sudan with out a fight that’s for real Sudan has to abide with all thses hard ships and yet it is lacking patriotic Sudanese who are willing to scruff for their countries a lot of wealth south sudan a nationals are staying in big cities all over the world those who come back can’t be offered any job as they are graduates and those who stayed to fight have no qualification. They look at those coming back as traitors who went away in the hr of need and now are coming back
    Who ever is put in any responsible positions is busy sending all the revenues abroad to extend of wiring five million dollars on WU then what are too talking Sudan has no long term stragy they are simply good tacticians and corruption is like their culture you need Ugandan for cover and civil uplifting

  13. Surely South Sudanese are forgetting to soon,these fellows are too crude to Ugandan brothers.Having lived here for all these long you again treat us in a manner that does not bring unity.Ugandans are very accomodative,disciplined,hardworking and patient citizens but you have pushed us too far.
    Please SS leaders,tame ur unrully citizens,and teach them to always work hard other than depending on UN for livelihood.Am soo touched the way ur Citizens are treating Ugandans

  14. iam sori if that is the case because i dont sideline with criminals but they should not generalise plse.

  15. After all those years of war, all SS needed to be taken to trauma centres for psycosocial attention. Unfortunately that did not happen instead they were told they now have a new country of their own. Before long, they were again told they now have their own oil to sell. All these with billions of dollars the west has been pouring there creates an arrogance and suspiscion that every street child would get when suddenly they have been taken to Nakumatt and told everything there is his/hers. Even our beloved Ugandan Karamojong are better civilized than most of these people. Mr. Masaba the Uganda traders association chairman is said to have been knifed in broad day light at a “police container” post! There is no law there. The police and anrmy were derived by a musururu method children usually divide themselves in oreder to play football in primary schools. Know one read any law or order. We need SS as much as they need us. May be they actually need Uganda more!

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