MUBS Student Resorts to Stone Quarrying to Meet Her Needs Amid COVID lockdown

Kabale – Charity Ainembabazi, a year two student at Makerere University Business School-MUBS offering Business Administration has turned to stone quarrying to beat the challenges of lockdown due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

Early last month (June 2021), President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni announced a lockdown that included the closure of all educational institutions and churches among other measures for 42 days, aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 lockdown.

Ainembabazi says that after President Museveni announced the lockdown, she decided to start stone quarrying from Rutooma in Nyabikoni ward of Kabale municipality in order to make money and meet her needs.

When asked why she decided to choose stone quarrying among other businesses, Ainembabazi said there is a ready market and she has so far made ugx 200,000 from her business.

Ainembabazi, who is eyeing the MUBS guild presidency when the government opens schools, says that she decided to take on stone quarrying

Ainembabazi revealed that she decided to take up the job after the president closed schools and she sat home without doing anything and she decided to take up stone quarrying to keep busy as well make an earning.

“I am able to meet some of my personal needs and will ease some burden from her parents since we are not sure when the lockdown will be lifted. And this is much better than slaying around town. You might even contract corona,” said Ainembabazi.

She encouraged fellow youths to find something to earn them a living and resisting from begging their parents and elders.

” Am encouraging students to at least acquire something to make them busy in this time and get some income such as stone quarrying, bricklaying, making crafts the job. What I am doing is so interesting. It teaches you how to mind your business and not to keep begging as well know the hardships parents go through to put food on the table “.said Ainembabazi.

Ainembabazi says that although she enjoys, there are several hardships and risks like hurting fingers while breaking the stones, rain sometimes disrupts her whole schedule as well too much sunshine and breaking some hard stones.

She says that she wakes up at 6 am does some jogging them goes home gets breakfast and by 8 am she is at her job as she sells each basin of stone gravel at Ugx 1000 as he has so far made Ugx 200.000 from her sales for the last one month she has been doing the job.

Ainembabazi says that she has ambitions of vying for the Makerere University Bussiness School guild presidency and an election she believes will be a landslide victory.

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