Muntu: I Won’t Use Violence To Cause Regime Change

FDC President Mugisha Muntu

FDC President Mugisha Muntu
FDC President Mugisha Muntu

Retired Ugandan army General Mugisha Muntu who is also the opposition party Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president has vowed not to use violence to cause change saying it doesn’t solve the ultimate problems.

While speaking at a joint press conference in Najanankumbi, Muntu said violence on aggravates the problem, adding that, that is the reason reason Uganda has been led by a corrupt and selfish regime for all these years.

Mutu who fought alongside President Yoweri Museveni to topple the Milton Obote led regime argues that overthrowing a regime through a coupe gives leaders a sense of entitlement which, which makes them selfish and dictatorial. He admits that using the gun is the easiest route to cause change but it is not the solution to the country’s core problems. Muntu says to achieve the much needed peaceful regime change; there is need for a clear shift in public opinion and a need for a very Ugandan to take a stand.

He urges Ugandans not to let evil forces take an upper hand, which he says is the status quo. Muntu argues that evil triumphs when the people choose to do nothing. The opposition leaders who are currently campaigning for electoral reforms and a new electoral management system have maintained that there is need for a peaceful transition. They has the authorities to allow them exercise their right of expression and association.

They condemn the violent way police stopped their consultative meetings in Soroti and Mbale over the weekend. On Saturday, police used teargas and live bullets to prevent opposition and civil society members from holding their consultative meeting on electoral reforms. Retired Kampala Bishop Zac Niringeye and Jack Wamai Wamanga, the Mbale municipality MP were picked up and detained briefly at Mbale Central Police station before they were released without charge.

Olara Otunnu, the UPC president says the country is in a deep crisis and asks police to pave way for its rescue. Otunnu says that all their previous meetings went well adding that, their ultimate purpose as campaigners is to spare the country bloodshed. Otunnu distributed a copy of the letter he wrote to internal affairs minister Aronda Nyakairima and Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura informing them of the nationwide campaign to demand for free and fair elections and electoral reforms.

In the 13th February letter, Otunnu who wrote on behalf of his colleagues- the consortium of political parties, civil societies and selected national leaders, informed the police of their activities and where they will take place. Retired Anglican Bishop Zac Niringiye said that the current regime is not only abusing the citizens but also the institutions adding that it is the police that is inciting violence against the people.

He said that the excessive force used by police in Mbale was uncalled for because what is going on is a peaceful process by democracy seeking Ugandans. They have however vowed to continue calling upon the public to raise and demand for electoral reforms amidst police brutality. The non-partisan group which started its campaign in February gave government up to the end of April to have enacted the reforms.

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6 thoughts on “Muntu: I Won’t Use Violence To Cause Regime Change

  1. It is true Mr. Muntu, we can’t afford to loss the peaceful environment we have now, i also believe it is going to take long to attain a genuine government that we want thru peaceful activities. at least we have moved a step, we can achieve what we want. i see uganda in the next 15 years to come with leaders who care for all ugandans, the only thing we have to do now is to keep pushing, this country and all ugandans deserve better, we deserve dignity, For God and My Country. I love u uganda

  2. Uganda needs young people like that not these bigurusi gurusi bizeeyi zeeyi who are sleeping in parliament. their whole trust is in military instead of being in the people, the constitution and the law
    but these bizeeyi with their electral fraud, can such people get their real election results??????

  3. That is being idealistic my brother Gen. Muntu. You and i and many other Ugandans know that M7 is NOT going to leave power democratically….as Obote would not do if you and friends did not push him over the edge.

  4. Museveni has fooled Uganda enough while the Young People are watching his lies and tricks which are meaningless to people determined to cause change in the Politics of Uganda.

  5. Muntu is Muntu with many friends who are Bantu living in Uganda and outside and he is not a Joking Subject in Uganda Museveni and all Ugandans must respect him but of course in agreement with the most intellectual and courageous Doctor Retired Canal Kiiza Besigye.

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