Muntu Warns Army Generals Against Any Coup Attempts

FDC President Mugisha Muntu


FDC President Mugisha Muntu has warned UPDF Generals against coup talk
FDC President Mugisha Muntu has warned UPDF Generals against coup talk


Forum for Democratic Change leader Gen. Muntu on Thursday morning made yet another veiled and volatile revelation warning UPDF generals not to be imprudent to think ‘the Army can take over Government’.

The fiery former Army commander convened a special news conference at the party head offices to respond to comments made by three top officials (President Museveni, Minister of Defence Crispus Kiyonga and Chief of Defence Forces Gen. Aronda Nyakairima) about the possibility of the army taking over parliament.

On Wednesday Chief of Defence Forces General Aronda Nyakairima said the possibility of the army taking over Parliament is real. “We can’t allow the country to slip back into chaos”. He said

Muntu however dismissed this talk as hot air.

“Any officer who thinks the army can take over is stupid, please don’t be stupid to think that the army can take over… then what will happen? What? What?” he sternly asked.

Muntu added, “to the UPDF I have to say this, no officer should be tempted to think of overthrowing the government as insinuated by the Head of State because trying to do so would not only be foolish but also counterproductive”.

Muntu is well known for unleashing verbal attacks against the army. Last year he warned army Generals not to be like the proverbial fly that followed the dead body to the grave yard.

Political pundits contend that the veiled utterance meant UPDF should not be inclined to the crumbling NRM regime, a statement that sparked off a war of words between him and the Chief of Defence forces General Aronda Nyakairima who demanded that Muntu should explain who the dead body and fly are.

Yesterday he was however optimistic that President Museveni made the comments trying to instil what he termed as ‘psychological warfare’ and fear in parliament and the public who have realised his despotic style of leadership.

“Museveni said this for survival, don’t be carried away, he is seeking political influence because he has seen things are turning against him, he is now left alone, his MPs have deserted him therefore he is afraid, the army can’t takeover,” Muntu assured.

The man from Ntungamo known for his short temper made it unequivocal to a clique of UPDF officer as a reminder that they also have children, a future and families to take care of, therefore their destiny shouldn’t be tied to one man.

“Those officers remember will not die in the army, they have kids, future and family, when they get tied to Museveni’s destiny, this will be the worst betrayal, they never know who will pay this price,” he said.

He also stressed that no officer in the army would desire to have an unstable future, the main reason they must focus!

Muntu was quick to mock Gen. Aronda who is the latest top shot to re-echo Museveni’s remarks on a possible ‘coup’. Muntu said the military can’t police 34 million Ugandans if they decide to cause a transition.

“They have guns we have words and brains, he should know that no military can police 34 million determined Ugandans,” he said.

The former army commander who held the post for a record 9 years promised that ‘a transition is inevitable whether it takes three years, or 5 years it must happen by the grace of God.

“A transition is a very delicate process, you need to plan for it, I see it coming it doesn’t matter how many years but we shall reclaim this country,” Muntu concluded.

The remarks of a possible takeover by the army is now the talk of the town and the big topic on social media sites Facebook and Twitter.

Reported By Nicholas Mwesigwa

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  1. When Muntu talks i listen. He never spits nonsense like some flies that will die with their dead body. Kudos our President 2016.

  2. General Muntu, You have appoint but dont speak on behalf of all Ugandans, anything may happen and Ugandans are not like North African Arabs or Middle East guys, These so called MPS are just heap of cowards one bullet will see then all running to Airport for exile, Ugandans we talk to much but we act less. I am not in any support of of any military stuff but stand warned, our MPS have lost direction with loose, hate talk everytime, they are nolonger Law makers but just street comedians. sorry to say

  3. when i was a young 5 years old, there was this old fella who really tomented, bullied me until one day my older brother took a stand and defended Me against this fella..since then and iam 35 years now. I grew up with this respect and admiration But most of all inspiretion of any body who stands up against bullies. Am not active in Uganda s politics But reading about Mugisha Muntu reasurring 34million Ugandan not to be afraid of the threats of bullies who wants to destroy lives and families of good Ugandans. I know from today i will do anything to surport this man for he has won my heart.

  4. It is indeed turning the beautiful country that welcomed so many into an international criminal racket for international organizations

  5. No politician is that perfect, it’s all about dirty gaming, of what level is Gen Muntu’s perfection?.

  6. Good piece Gen. Muntu, you’re one man Uganda needs to gain it’s polical sanity. We’ll be with you all the way. Bravo Afande!!!

  7. Gen.Muntu maybe u have a point but the 2 words you used in your comments”stupid and foolish”onto big people like you,i think you deserve a question mark to your understanding,if not appologise to collegues.

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