Musician Chameleone Reconciles With Self Ahead Of Badilisha Concert


Musician Joseph Mayanja a.k.a Jose Chameleone’s Badilisha launch is on April 26 at Kyadondo rugby grounds and he has called it “a music tsunami”. Chameelone has invited all the artistes and says it will be about celebrating passion not a job.

Chameleone says the action-packed show is organized to celebrate and honour East African music, which is why he invited musicians like Red San, Professor J, Mr Nice and Masamba because they have fought for the industry in the region.

“Those who take music as a job are those who don’t want to end wars, but the world has moved on to where they only appreciate the best,” says Chameleone, who said he brought life back to Kyadondo [after the July 2010 bomb blasts, he was the first to organize a massive show here].

Jose Chameleone says that he is ready for this concert. According to him, every album has got its memories, and he puts his emotions into the music when composing and that aside; he is also the number one fan of Jose Chameleone so he makes sure he doesn’t disappoint his number one fan.

Chameleon says that Badilisha song is about a lover losing patience and letting go. Released on January 26 this year, it has not only helped him remain on top musically, but also soothe emotions that almost made him quit the industry. The death of a young man, Robert Karamagi, in Chameleone’s Seguku compound nearly brought the singer’s career crashing down when he was implicated in murder.

“I was not on the panel that announced the list; so, they know better what criteria they used and that makes me thank God that I am recognized in the right way,” says the singer.

Chameleon is now a changed man as he says; “Since the Karamagi saga, I have understood people and I have now remained with a few friends, my wife and children. People hated me, pointed fingers at me and even those I helped wanted me hanged,”






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