Mwiri to throw out Teachers After Students’ Strike

The School's Dilapidated Buildings
The School’s Dilapidated Buildings

Several teachers at Busoga College Mwiri are awaiting their transfers as a remedy to regaining sanity at one of the oldest schools in the country.

The commissioner for secondary education in the Ministry of Education and Sports, Uma Francis Agula, says Mwiri College is over-staffed rendering some teachers redundant, idle and therefore resorting to idle talk.

Agula told the teachers to park up all their property and stay on standby as they wait for transfer letters.

He was on Thursday addressing a stake holders meeting at the school ahead of the re-opening on Saturday. The school was closed on June 1st after students staged a violent strike accusing the management of mistreating them. The meeting comprised members of the board of governors, PTA executive, teaching and non-teaching staff and members of the probe committees.

An interim committee was set up to investigate the cause of unrest at the 100-year-old institution. According to the partial report released by the internal committee headed by Sam Mangeni, some teachers were named in inciting the students to strike.

The report cites demands by students like reduction of the teachers’ allowances, use of school property for personal gain, transfer of good teachers and demanding for the immediate transfer of the head teacher to have been a project of teachers.

The committee also recommended that seven students be expelled from the school for having spearheaded the strike and mobilized others to march out of the school on the night of May 30th.
According to Jinja district education officer Abraham Were, the students’ leadership played a pivotal role in mobilizing others for the strike.

Were says the committee resolved that fresh elections for students leadership be organized to eliminate law breakers because student leaders who would have discouraged others from striking instead encouraged them.

Students will return to school in the company of their parents starting tomorrow with senior one and two, followed by senior three and five on Sunday and then senior four and six on Monday. Each student will be required to first pay a fine of 67,500 shillings as contribution towards the damages caused during the strike.

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