Luwero Residents Protest Nabukenya Seat Loss

MP Brenda Nabukenya speaking to traders in Luweero Central market

Police have been deployed in Luweero town council to block Brenda Nabukenya the former Luweero woman Member of Parliament from staging a rally following a court of appeal ruling that nullified her November 2011 by elections.

MP Brenda Nabukenya speaking to traders in Luweero Central market
MP Brenda Nabukenya speaking to traders in Luweero Central market

The Court of Appeal ruling read by Justice Remmy Kasule has upheld high court ruling that kicked out Brenda Nabukenya out of Parliament.

Court then said that the Electoral Commission didn’t comply with electoral laws when in November 2011 Nabukenya’s rival Rebecca Nalwanga had sought for a mandatory vote recount which was denied.

The Court of appeal Judges Remmy Kasule, Steven Kavuma and Augustine Nshiimye also ordered for by election for the seat.

Immediately after the ruling, news of MP Nabukenya’s loss, Police responded by deploying more traffic patrols between Wobulenzi and Luweero Town Council.

In Luweero town council anti-riot police armed with teargas canisters and live ammunitions commanded by the Officer in charge of Luweero Police Station Eugene Elwaru have been seen patrolling the town.

The Luweero District Police Commander Godfrey Ninsiima said that Nabukenya had not sought permission to hold any rally in town and police was on high alert to block her planned rallies. Ninsiima also called on supporters not to take part in violent protests because police will disperse them.

The  traffic officers tried to stop Nabukenya from accessing the town but she defied them and insisted she had right to explain to her voters that the ruling was unfair and in favour NRM party.

Supporters of Nabukenya have also rejected the ruling and vowed to vote her back in parliament.

David Lule Muzzaganda, chairperson of Democratic party Katikamu south constituency, insisted that Nabukenya had not rigged the elections but a sore NRM decided to frustrate her by resorting to court to rob the people of their victory.

Erasto Kibirango, the district councillor for Bamunanika sub county, described the ruling as test for Court and warned that people may lose trust in the judiciary if they cease to consider the truth and inside turn partisan.

By time of filling the report, Nabukenya was moving around and speaking to people in markets, boda boda stages, and hotels. Police insist she will not stage a rally at Kasana Taxi Park and Wobulenzi town council.

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  1. We expect justice from the courts. If justice is not given, people will lose confidence in the courts and begin solving their problems outside court. This may lead to the so-called ‘mob justice’ which is not always good. I hope the judges were not putting on yellow wigs.

  2. I am in Uganda? or its me who doesn’t know law? I have not heard of such cases where MPs are from the ruling party!!

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