Nakawa MP Kabaziguruka To Be Tried By Court Martial

Nakawa MP Kabaziguruka To Be Tried By Court Martial

By Serestino Tusingwire

The Kampala high court presided over by Justice Patricia Wasswa Basaza on Friday ruled that the court martial has the jurisdictions to try the Nakawa Member of Parliament, Michael Kabaziguruka.

Kabaziguruka together with 22 others are accused of trying to overthrow government.

He had on two occasions objected to his trial in the army court saying he is a civilian and army court has no jurisdictions to try him.

He first made the complaint before the army court chaired by Lt Gen Andrew Gutti which was not considered, and later on filed a formal application before the Kampala High Court which has not ruled in his favour.

In her ruling today, justice Basaza presumed that Kabaziguruka is subject to military law by the virtue that his purported actions are connected to the army.

Earlier this week, the General Court Martial Chairman Gen Gutti had made a similar ruling that Michael Kabaziguruka can legally be tried under the army court for as long his actions are connected to the army realm.

The Chairman ruled that Section 119 of the UPDF Act empowers him to try any civilian.

In Kabaziguruka’s case, he is said to have aided or abetted persons subject to military law to commit the offences charged, which renders him too subject to the military law.


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