Nambooze To Ruranga: The Monster Has Devoured You

Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze

Mukono Municipality Member of parliament Betty Bakireke Nambooze has lambasted Rubaramira Ruranga who recently defected from opposition party, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) saying that while the opposition will miss the latter, he should find another excuse other than the claim that he crossed to fight Aids.

Mukono Municipality MP Betty  Nambooze
Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze

Rtd Major Rubaramira Ruranga recently defected from the FDC to the NRM claiming he was only crossing to the ruling NRM to increase his awareness about the deadly HIV/AIDS scourge. Rubaramira is a known anti-Aids activist.

“There is no doubt about it…. we shall miss you…… You have fought a good fight , unfortunately the monster you have been fearlessly fighting has devoured you…” Nambooze expressed her frustration via her Facebook account.

Nambooze who subscribes to the opposition Democratic Party (DP) and whose criticism of the current government is second to none vowed to continue with the fight and advised the now new NRM member Ruranga to ‘get a better reason’ to explain his defection instead of the Aids awareness claim.

“…THESTRUGGLE SHALL CONTINUE…….AND DONT SAY YOU’RE JOINING NRM TO FIGHT HIV/AIDS BECAUSE ITS NOT THE OPPOSITION THAT STOLE THE GAVI FUNDS or tormented Besigye with accusation that he wasnt fit to be President because of his “HIV status”. Get a better reason for you’re capable of fishing around for one.” Nambooze roared.

Ruranga’s defection has left many in shock and comes at a time when the FDC is trying to keep its members united following lat year’s disputed presidential elections.



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10 thoughts on “Nambooze To Ruranga: The Monster Has Devoured You

  1. This is a clear indication that there are some agents of the ruling party amongst the opposition, nowonder the efforts of unity among the opposition parties are always frusted by people on the ruling party’s pay roll like this gentleman, opposition members be aware of impositors!

    1. Ug is a free country, Maj Rubaramira is free to switch to any party of his choice. Or is FDC a life membership? Ekibanyi kigudde n’amenvu!

  2. the reason the retired and now defecting major is inconsistent with what he himself knows and believes about NRM’s ability or even potential to fight HIV/AIDS. I would agree with the Hon. Nambooze, he should say the real reason, but given the nature of our politicians we may never get to know the real reason. Too bad for the country. Wish him well though.

  3. Opposition stop sour-graping. If Major Rubaramira Ruranga was that bad how did he raise up to the post of Chairman of your Electoral body? How could you have made a “mole” head of such an important party organ – or even to get near it? Why didn’t you throw him out earlier? All parties will always fish for members from the other parties. There are NRM members who cross to other parties too and vise versa. The main difference is NRM goes after the big fish in other parties while the other parties look for “a mukene” in NRM.

    1. You are not ontelligent fkyyyy?
      Rubaramira has not given politics as the reason for his u-turn. He claims he is going to Museveni to fight AIDS !
      Museveni has 98 advisers , some of whom are doctors or specialists in fighting disease. If he was seriously interested in fighting it , why not use some of those ?
      Bugingo should have done more than slap the fool

    2. We do not know the truth. But have you heard of 1) Murphy’s Law and 2) Guillaume Affair? Check for both in Wikipedia!

  4. Rubaramira is the most unprincipled man Politician in Uganda who does not know what he needs for his life and for the rest of Ugandans.He started a struggle to remove Museveni from Power now he leaves his place of struggle empty and goes back to the Eternal Hell under the worst est enemy in Uganda the Ruler who has made people poor by promoting poverty avenues in Uganda and corruption to destroy the Economy of Uganda
    Rubaramira has become Rubahwerterekyereza and indeed destroying his Political carrier in Uganda because his judgement is weak and Fake to do anything constructive in the country.

    1. Bishanga, why do you talk and cry more that the bereaved??? Wait a minute, it is now HON. NAMBOZE REMAINING!!! Believe you/me and for your information, there are MORE NRM MEMBERS WITHIN FDC THAN MEETS THE EYE, actually about HALF of FDC MEMBERS SIMPLY PRETEND!!!

  5. Major Ruranga has seen light and worked with these Leaders of the opposition , who are all self centred with personal interests nothing to do with Uganda or its people , Time speaks and Truth prevails so it must be a reason that he has moved to a better choice and after all Ugandans are free to be any party of their choice , The Opposition will have a battering time at the Elections , equally the NRM , UPC and Dps MPs who have failed to keep their promises will also depart ,

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