Nebanda Cerinah Arioru Dead

Cerinah (R) having a good time with friends while still at Makerere University
Cerinah (R) having a good time with friends while still at Makerere University

Butaleja District woman PM Nebanda Cerinah Arioru  Is Dead.  The youthful Legislator succumbed to a short illness at a clinic in Nsabya after attending a workshop at Commonwealth Resort Munyonyo

The cause of her death is yet to be established. The Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura has assembled a team of investigators to find out what could have ended Cerinah’s life.

Below is her full bio.

Political Party: NRM (National Resistance Movement)

Gender:             Female

Marital Status: Single

Profession:        Social Scientist

Religion:           Catholic

Date of birth:   09/10/1988





 Work History: Managing Director,NEBANDA OIL SERVICES STATION — 2006 – To Date

Other Responsibilities: Member : Committee on Social Services
Member : Committee on Budget





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20 thoughts on “Nebanda Cerinah Arioru Dead

  1. May Her soul RIP, We shall dearly miss You. en we hope the Drs Clearly establish the cause of ya death justifiably!

  2. This is unfortunate. We need more people who do what PM Nebanda Cerinah Arioru did. I think she was murdered for her politics. The problem with politics in Uganda is the politicians who aren’t corrupt are either setup or murdered in covert ways to imply that they had a “short illness.” This world is not fair. May she RIP.

    1. @kitufu i disagree with u that this lady was killed coz of politics young people die every ad she is not exceptional. ha time has come ad she went to be with the lord, may ha soul rest in peace. gone tooo soon, what ashort journey for cellina. RIP

  3. very big blow for us from eastern Uganda.The only young blood we had put all our hope for today and in future-RIP

  4. R.I.P.How does Hon. Cerinah Nebanda Ariouru’join Politics. Around February 2009, we launched the historical UYD Campaign at Makerere University.Like any other jolly student, Arioru Cerinah Nebanda was brought to the UYD Camp by the Late Wasswa Edward (Her Personal Assistant who died earlier this year)she surrendered her BMW that Okware used to move around Campus.After Okware’s victory, Wasswa Edward Mulwanya approached her and requested her to vie for GRC in Complex Hall where she was attached though she was a Resident of Grand Hostel in Kikoni.Surprisingly, she won the GRC as number one out many; the way I did in Mitchell Hall. After winning, she was also pursuarded by Wasswa Edward (R.I.P) vie for Faculty Board Representative at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Surprisingly, she won the seat too.Okware apointed Arioru Cerinah as the Social Affairs Minister 2009/2010.As the Guild Primeminister, I wrote a Memo to all Minister to submit Respective Chairpersons of Outstanding committees. Since they were tight friends with Wasswa who ddid not make it in the GRC race in Livingstone Hall, she appointed Wasswa to be the Chairperson of the Committee. Hon. JB Mutebi recalls very well that Cerinah had a Victory Party at Ssese Gateway Bbeach where she Organised several buses at Campus and all those who wished boarded to the Beach, everybody ate and drunk on her bill.I genuinely admit that she was the Best performing Minister during my Regime.She was very humbled, she was ever inquisitive and wanted to be guided ever.She spent her personal funds to run Guild activities. She orgnised Carnivals ever at Campus, Freshers ball, Lumbox Carnival, Leaver’s Party among others.Those who recall very well know that the Guild car (Toyota Premio)was in a sorry state.After her victory, she bought a brand New Harrier Reg. UAM 605D.This car incidentally turned out to be the Guild Car and i confess that this was the first brand new Car I drove in my Life. (I remember during the Convocation Alumni Dinner at the Freedom Square, as she was still speaking with Prof. Mondo Kagonyera, she told to pick her and take back Guild Property at the Offices) Cerinah was very generous. The photo that appeared in Redpeper to was when she organised an End of Course Bash for the Classmates. How does she join National Politics? During the Guild induction at Lweza, we started calling ourselves serious Hounarables. We were to vie like this, Okware Robert-Tororo Municipality, Elvis Kintu Nsonyi-Masaka Municipality, Raphael Okoropot-Soroti County and all other continued to mention their interests. She told us Politics was a dirty gane and therefore she could not handle!!! After the Induction and this is when we had gone back at Campus, Wasswa told her that you have all that it takes to vie.You can win Dorothy Hyuha because you have the resources. One Saturday they travelled to Butaleja and the Departure point was at the Guild Offices. They surveyed the Constituency and Wasswa was conviced that she could make it. They Organised a football tournament dumbed:Nebanda Cup.She started Charity activities and so many other Charity activities.She surprisingly won the NRM primaries.And finally she entered the 9th Parliament. Thats what i can share with you at the moment. Kunduchi is too hot and you cannot sit for long. R.I.P Cerinah Ariouru. Am sorry I use the name Ariouru because that is what we were used to. We later learnt that the Name “Nebanda” was basically used for the businesses. Nebanda Oil Services, Nebanda Sound Disco probably among others. She confessed publicly during the burial of Wasswa in Mityana that it is because of Wasswa that she became MP.She had done and promised alot of things to Wasswa and the family.She is a true Leader we shall Miss forever. Although am writing this, upto now i have completed failed in my life to imagine a dead Cerinah Ariouru Nebanda.Her victory has always been a surprise.On behalf of the Makerere Guild Executive,GRCs and the entire Students Community 2009/2010, in my Capacity as Guild Primeminister as it then was, I send our sincere condolences to the WORLD.R.I.P

  5. Life is harsh, life is unfair.
    Life took away aloved one to heaven, but it can never snatch away her memories.
    I wish you strength and courage to get over this tough times
    A beautiful soul has passed, but the memories shall never fade.
    Be strong

    RIP Nebanda Cerinah Arioru

  6. It very hard to believe this but the way Cerinah has died still hurts, the politics of uganda has taken another pace.RIP

  7. The Lord takes, The Lord Gives, Let His Name be glorified, He as the author of Life , the Alpha and the Omega will rest Celina’s soul in Peace. RIP and as Uganda, we will dearie miss you, God has called you to join angels in praising Him in Heaven, U have used your talents that He provided you with.

    Dear Fellow Ugandans, Brethren

    Lets live our lives to God, lets embrace Him in all we do, lets all know that the life we hold does not belong to us but to Him. may the Lord grant protection to the Family of the late MP and May he also Pay Her for the Good work she has done while on the earth but most importantly forgive all her sins she ever comitted while on earth.


  8. I pray da truth about her death is brought out without confusion to hide who en what killed her. Its really a big loss to da country cause she was some one we would depend on as UGANDANS. May her soul rest in peace.

    1. Peter, I disagree with you because unfortunately I have heard of ways whereby somebody can make another’s death look like its suicide through a drug overdose or what most people think you do. I will give you an example: Marilyn Monroe died in 1962. At the time most Americans thought Marilyn Monroe killed herself because the media used to say she was always taking drugs. Then in the 80s some of the truth came out. Those that were close to Marilyn Monroe said she did not kill herself, she didn’t overdose. Infact they had said from the beginning she did not kill herself and it wasn’t an accident. An intern at the medical examiner that worked on Marilyn Monroe said Marilyn Monroe was injected with a lethal dose of medicine in her rectum. But the intern’s boss was paid not to reveal that info to the public and he was just intern so he couldn’t do anything. Spies were hired by Hoover to tape John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy conversations because he wanted dirt on them. Some of the things they heard were JFK and Robert Kennedy talk to Marilyn Monroe seperately about US politics. Marilyn Monroe was murdered because she knew classified info that was supposed to happen in the coming days. She gave John Kennedy an ultimatum that if he didn’t do something she was going to the media on a Monday and will reveal everything that had written in her diary. JFK and RFK made her death look like a drug overdose. But it wasn’t a drug overdose. If you want more info about Marilyn Monroe go to youtube and type in: Marilyn Monroe: A Case For Murder part 1/5. Another person who was killed for their politics was Tupac Shakur. If you want more info go to youtube and watch 4 videos: 2Pac: Potash interview 1 – FBI War on 2Pac, John Potash interview 2 – Cointelpro tactics, John Potash interview 3 – Tupac & activism, John Potash interview 4 – MLK Jr, Jimi Hendrix & Bob Marley.

  9. let justice play it’s role this time.but not the characters of the police.’k’ we are tied of this selfish governancy. why kill the rightous people who could build the good nation..shameful to the IGP and NRM government.May her soul rest in enternal peace Amen.
    God bless this nation with new generation.

  10. cerina, Rest in peace. the news of your death shocked me and the whole country.

    You have died just when we needed you most. God grant you an eternal peace and forgive all your sins committed on earth.

    We shall forever miss you, you were one of few Ugandans we could depend on.

    so sad.

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