Norbert Mao Survives Cancer, told to slaughter His big chicken

As the recent cancer machine breakdown news spread like wild fire, Democratic Party President Norbert Mao was waiting for the results of a cancer test.


He tells a testimony-what he went through, and the anxiety of waiting for the outcomes, people who went on a pilgrimage, people who comforted him and finally when the results came, the doctor asked him to slaughter his biggest chicken.

In the end, he has survived and is thanking God and all those people who prayed and comforted him.

Below is the testimony he has penned

Scary! Last week my doctors ordered a biopsy on some tissues from my body. Suspecting cancer!

The sample was taken overseas for lab tests. All through the week I and my close friends and family were anxious about what the lab tests would show. What with the big buzz over the pitfalls of cancer treatment in our blessed republic!

Seven days of waiting was like eternity. One of my doctors was even psychologically preparing me for any eventuality. Friends and family cried out to God. One friend even went to Bukalango to dedicate a special prayer of intercession for me.

And then, yesterday morning the phone rang. It was Dr. Adam Kimala of Kampala Hospital. As usual he was calm. I knew he had called to give me breaking news. But after a week of waiting I was mentally fortified. I was prepared for anything. I know that God gives us a test now and again in order that we may give a testimony about His love, grace and favour. No Test, No Testimony.

So I listened to my doctor, a surgeon of over thirty years experience, a teacher at Makerere Medical School, an author and Katikiro of Buganda’s Mmamba Clan. He inquired in his quiet voice how I was feeling. Then his voice became more cheerful. “You should slaughter the biggest chicken you can get hold of. Your test results are back and I am very happy with what I see”, he said.

He then went on to read me a lot of medical jumbo jumbo about this and that. I was waiting for the sentence that would relieve me. Finally he read, “No cancer cells detected…”. You could have knocked me down with a feather. The last two years have been tough for me but the Lord Reigns. He has the keys of life and death.

I give thanks to God for all those who have prayed for me, visited me, supported me to ensure that I bear this season with fortitude and thanksgiving. May God bless you abundantly. Benedictus Deo.

Like they say, a diamond is just a lump of coal that withstood years and years of pressure. That’s my outlook. God has truly restored me and I praise His name

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