NRM Bosses Furious As Museveni Visits Lango

NRM Bosses Furious As Museveni Visits Lango

By Milton Emmy Akwam

A section of National Resistance Movement (NRM) party leaders in Lira district are furious as President Museveni visits Lira district.

They complain that they were left out in preparation activities yet they should be contacted to take part in organizing for the visit.

President Museveni who doubles as the NRM national chairman has today been in Lira district to commission ministry of land zonal offices for Lango Sub-region.

Linda Auma, the NRM vice chairperson Lira district has expressed anger saying her office was never contacted for  any input in organising for the president’s visit.

“Once the president is going to any district, the party leaders are always informed and get involved in all preparatory activities, but for me i haven’t been contacted by any,” Auma said.

Auma added that all activities from day one were taken up by UPC cadres who completely sidelined NRM cadres.

She blasted party supporters in Lira and Lango sub-region for refusing to give maximum support to their own candidates during last year’s poll, a reason she says left opposition candidates to triumph.

Auma was the NRM party flag bearer for Lira district Woman MP Seat, a race she got thoroughly trounced by Joy Atim Ongom, the UPC party flag bearer.

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