NRM Diaspora League Mourns Late Katatumba


NRM Diaspora League Mourns Late Katatumba


The NRM Diaspora league has declared two days of mourning following the death of former property Mogul and Pakistan consular Dr. Boney Katatumba.

The league’s chairman Hajji Abbey Walusimbi who has been a close pal to the Katatumba family said that Uganda has lost a principled, hardworking and patriotic person.

He said he worked with the late as the Overall Coordinator in charge of USA, Canada, and the Caribbean for United Nations Group of 77 Countries Chamber of Commerce and Industry Developing Countries whose offices are located at the UN.

Walusimbi said that while working as an Advisor to Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he and Katatumba traversed the country, reviving and opening up branches for the Chambers under the sponsorship by among others; USAID.

“Together we led several trade delegations to USA, Canada, UK, Egypt, France, Kenya, Rwanda and Pakistan which led to successful business setups for our country. We were so close that; during studies at the Pacific University in California he [Katatumba] briefly stayed at my house” he recalled.

He said Katatumba is a man that worked hard and loved his country.

“It is a pity that at the time of his death, he has left this world heartbroken. His property was stolen by one time business colleagues with lack of proper help from the legal system that failed him” he said.

Walusimbi urged Ugandans to remember Dr. Boney Katatumba’s contribution to the development of this country which includes giving birth to children who have had an impact on lives of people in Diaspora. He said that one of Katatumba’s sons, Flight Captain Allan Katatumba was one of the early influential leaders of NRM in USA.

He was the 1st Secretary General of NRM in the USA, and was responsible for inspiring many to come out to stand with NRM at a time when the opposition in Diaspora was having a field day.

“I give my sincere condolences to the bereaved family: his wives Gertrude and Grace; Children-Artist Angella Katatumba, Capt. Allan Katatumba, Rosemary Katatumba, Dennis Katatumba, Rugiirwa Katatumba, Ken Katatumba, Ian Katatumba, Jay Katatumba and the late Colin Katatumba who all have been close friends of mine in the US and Uganda” he said.

The late died last week but before his death, he was batting with Indians over his property mainly Katatumba Suites.

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