NRM to Hold Fresh Youth Elections



National Resistance Movement will hold fresh youth elections on Sunday 8th November, the party Deputy Electoral Commission chairman John Arimpa Kigyagi has said.

In a special announcement, Kigyagi said the recently concluded youth elections which took place during the delegates’ conference were marred by bribery, factitious delegates and lack of clear registers for the delegates.

“The National Resistance Movement Electoral Commission hereby notifies your office that due to several anomalies like elections starting late, several incidences of voter briberies, no clear register for delegates, fictitious candidates, delegates from several districts not given opportunity to cast their votes, that characterised the whole electoral process of the youth elections during the last concluded delegates conference,” part of the statement read.

Adding; “we as the electoral commission has looked into the matter as raised by several youth leaders across the country and unanimously agreed to have a fresh election on 8th November 2015 at Namboole stadium starting from 9:00am.”

He said all Youth National Delegates have been informed to report for accreditation and facilitation on Saturday 7th November.

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